Winding Through The Traffic And Coming Out A Winner

Motorcycles are of three types: street, off-road and dual purpose. Street bikes include scooters, mopeds and cruisers besides others. Off road motorcycles are meant for racing and not for riding on streets. The dual purpose motorcycles have features which make them permissible to be used on the streets at the same time are fit for motor racing.

Pollution in cities from automobiles has reached unbearable limits. Traffic congestion has become endemic. For both these reasons, motorcycles are becoming the favored mode of transport. Its fuel efficiency is more than any other vehicle. Its contribution to green house gas emission is lesser with its low carbon emission. Its smaller mass makes it have a better fuel economy. However, motorcycles are more polluting. It is as much as ten times to twenty times as compared to the pollution from car. Nitrogen oxide is the major pollutant from motorcycle. This is caused by the poorer efficiency of catalytic converter of motorcycle. Nitrogen oxide is a major constituent of smog.

The market for motorcycles has been showing a steady increase. Though the global economy has shown a downturn, yet the global market for motorcycle show a growth of 6.5 percent. The increasing cost of fuel along with the slow down in the global economy contributes to this growth. Electric scooters too are showing increased sales. Gasoline is substituted with battery to run the electric scooters. It has a superior fuel economy though with lesser speed. It runs almost silently. Electric scooter becomes a good option with the increase in the price of gasoline. There is almost no air and noise pollution. It is expected that the battery technology will improve in the coming days. There are a number of electric scooters in the market. They include Vectrix VX-1, Eped Sport/City, E-Solex, ZAP Zapino, Razor E200S scooter, Yo Speed, Peugeot Scoot’Elec, EVT-4000e and Io-scooter, Ezip Electric Scooters.

Motorcycles are a popular means of transport in the Asian countries such as India, China, Vietnam and Indonesia. More people own motorcycles than other vehicles. For instance, in Taiwan motorcycle is owned by twice the number of automobile owners. There has been a 50 percent rise in the registration of motorcycles in the United States. It is also popular in Latin America’s frontier towns.

More and more people are now considering motorcycles important. It’s time for you to purchase one and look for the ones of excellent quality.

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