Why You Should Save And Buy, Not Flash The Plastic

Impulse buying is one of the quickest ways for your debt to grow out of control. If you are the type of person who has to have everything they see right now, then you can wake up one day and find your self drowning in debt. The following is a simple plan created to stop the impulse buying into keep your debt from growing.

This idea is created to help you stop buying on impulse. It is also geared towards keeping you from grabbing that credit card or finance application every time you see something you just can’t live without. This plan will take some self control that if you follow it you will find that you will have lesser debt.

Say you are walking down the street and you look into a store window and see the most beautiful diamond ring. You do not have the money in your pocket to pay for it, so the first thing you do is start grabbing for your credit card or ask the clerk for a finance application. Instead of doing this why not just take a loan out with yourself.

Just take the total cost of the ring and decide how soon you want it. Divide the cost of the ring by the weeks or months and that will give you your payment that granite you will not get the ring today, but you will save a lot of money in the long run.

Once you have decided what your payment will be your next need to find out where you will pay it to. Make sure you have a place setup to make your payment. You can pay it into a bank account, put it on a prepaid debit card, or even an old cigar box. If you keep your payments up you will have the money you need to buy the ring in no time.

You will also defeat any impulse buying problems you have. In the length of time that you’re making your payments you will be able to clearly decide if this is a purchase you want to make. If you decide on the line that you do not really want to make this purchase you can either save the money or taken in by something else you want.

It will be a great feeling when you pay the loan off and are able to walk in the store with the cash needed to buy your ring. Just imagine being able to put the full payment on the counter and not have to worry about paying a bank or a finance company for the next five years. Now there may be times that you’ll need to take the loan out but on purchases under 1500 dollars this is a great plan. This plan will take some self control that if you set your mind to it there is no doubt that you can pull it off.

This is not a plan that will take a rocket scientist to work. This is just plain common sense put in a method. Now this will take some self discipline and control to keep on track but if you set your mind to it you should have no problem.

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