Why You Must Take A Dog Training Course

There are two things you must always remember as the owner of the dog. It is up to you to make sure that that it does not harm anybody, and that it does not come to harm itself. The first step towards achieving this is to take it on a dog training course. You also have to realize that a dog, as part of the Wolf family, is a pack animal. Because of this it needs to live in an environment built around a hierarchical structure, with you as the alpha in control

You have to start training your dog while it is still a puppy and keep up with the training for the rest of their life. It has to understand the boundaries, and it also has to depend on the owner to point them out. If the animal is not used to being with strangers, it could not only be a danger to the stranger, but also a danger to itself. The animal welfare organization see dogs everyday that have attacked strangers for the simple reason that they have not been properly trained.

If you cannot be bothered to train your dog or get it trained professionally it is probably better that you do not get one at all. An untrained dog is a danger to everybody it meets, even the local children are at risk. If you realize that you cannot train it yourself you must find a training center that can do it for you. By continuing to own one that is untrained and liable to bite people, there is a good chance that you will be fined, and in the worst cases that the animal will be put down.

An important part of obedience training is that the dog is taught to only accept food from it’s owner. This might seem a bit strange, but some people do not understand what a dog cannot eat. There are certain things that human beings are used to eating safely, but they can be fatal for dogs. Two simple examples are those of chicken bones and chocolate.

Even the tiniest piece of chocolate could start a sequence of events that increase the levels of Theobromine in the dogs system that will poison it. And if they bite into a chicken bone there is a good chance that it will splinter and become lodged in it’s windpipe, which will result in them choking. So it is very important that these lessons about animal safety are learned by both the owner and the dog during these courses.

These classes have to be taken, and in time you will have a dog that you can be proud of as it will behave well and be safe around others. It will also not come into contact with unhealthy foods that can potentially cause them harm. The end result is an animal that you love and you get the unconditional love of your dog.

When you start training your dog you must remember that it will take a lot of patience on your part. You have got to remember that if you are housebreaking a puppy it will take a while before they understands what they are doing wrong. There will be quite a few accidents, and as a loving, caring owner you will have to be able to tell the difference between being authoritative, and being abusive. The time to discipline the dog for the mistake is at the time of the accident, punishing it later is totally pointless as the dog will have long forgotten what it did and it will not understand.

You will get frustrated with your pet at times, but do not let it sense your frustration or anxiety. Take a deep breath and if necessary, seek professional advice. There are a lot of dog forums that offer hints and tips on training. In the end you will have a loving bond with a dog that knows all the rules.

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