Why The Smartest Americans Don’t Smoke?

In most cases, between starting smoking and the moment when the smoker decides for the first time something is wrong, 10 to 20 years pass.Once the moment of “the first cigarette” has passed, that person will not smoke more than 1 to 5 cigarettes a day for a couple of months. But in time, smoking will become part of everyday activities, it will intensify from one month to the other until it becomes a habit.

Smoking is indeed a habit. And when we say habit we mean a dependency that was achieved by the frequent repetition of some action. If your everyday activities turn very stressful, then you must find ways to reduce the stress if you want to quit. Being a stock investor is a risky business, but you can diminish risk by using how to profit from foreclosures materials.

Calling smoking a habit does not make it less dangerous, because, for example, washing our face in the morning is also a habit, but it does not to us any harm. Even a shallow reading of the professional literature will reveal the fact that those who smoke for more than 10 years, and they smoke a lot, at least a pack of cigarettes a day, will live less than their non-smoking colleagues who never smoked in their life. After 20 – 30 years of smoking, people will start showing the negatives effects of cigarettes, by either developing cancer or other respiratory or cardio-vascular diseases. These diseases will install gradually, after lots of smoking years and in most cases, in this situation, the decision to quit smoking becomes impossible just by pure will.

It’s clear that quitting is a lot harder than starting. According to the majority’s opinion, the main reason is the dependency that installs itself rapidly, even in 6 months, especially if you start as a teenager. Out of all components of a cigarette, the nicotine is the only one that can cause dependency. Nicotine dependency shows a few distinctive factors: the many tries of quitting without success, the need for a cigarette which growth with every month and the mental need of happiness, which can be produced by nicotine. Nicotine has a discrete euphonious effect on our mind, and smokers become more stimulated, more happy and can even prove better concentration once they’ve finished a cigarette.

No matter how great the pleasure implied by a cigarette might be or the stimulant effect of smoking over intellectual activities, is it really worth risking your health? Since nicotine is a powerful addictive agent, like cocaine or heroine, nicotine dependency is very hard to beat. Nevertheless, we must stop smoking because it’s not only nicotine we use, but also gases like those used in toxic chambers during the world war.

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