Why Should I Marry – Oprah Hasn’t

Everybody loves Oprah. Most people look up to her and use her suggestions as ways they can improve their lives too. I’ve seldom watched her on TV because I don’t have time to turn the TV on – but sometimes she’s up there when I get my nails done. I do pick up her magazine occasionally, which I did recently – her 10th Anniversary Special one – because I was interested in what she would say to 10 O magazine readers who “interviewed” her informally. The one question that was of most interest to me regarded her relationship with Stedman Graham. I, too, would have asked, “Why haven’t you married him?” Would her answer be this? “If I married him, then I’d have to spend time trying to save the marriage and I’m too busy for that.”

We are always amazed at how people idolize the rich and powerful like Oprah with scarcely a blink at whether or not their lifestyles are moral or immoral. What does it matter, right? After all, Oprah gives away a lot of money, doesn’t she? Shouldn’t that make it all right that she lives with her boyfriend of many years without the benefit of marriage?

Let’s analyze it a little. Always the bride of Power, never the bride of a man, Oprah seems to have a perpetual fiance in Graham but possibly an undying love for her money and being in total control of her world. Stedman probably enjoys the largess of her efforts but apparently has little say in any of it. Does she not marry him because he might then have access to the Oprah Mint and take some of it should they not be able to save the marriage that hasn’t happened?

In her answer to the questioner she states that Stedman asked her to marry him once, and they even set a date, but she realized that marriage was not for her, and with her nontraditional lifetyle, she wouldn’t be able to conform to the expectations of a traditional man, so she called it off. That makes sense. If you can’t devote yourself to making your marriage work, why marry?

What doesn’t make sense to me is that she speaks of her faith in God as the big one. Very important to her. She had a traditional upbringing in the church. Reportedly she has been seen and heard dancing around and singing, “Jesus Loves Me.” How can she justify merging a long term relationship with Stedman, without benefit of marriage, with the claims that she belongs to and believes in the Lord Jesus Christ?

There are some “Or perhaps” thoughts here. Perhaps she and Stedman don’t sleep together and wouldn’t dream of having sex. They could be just close friends. Uh huh. Or perhaps, since Jesus, as well as the Scriptures throughout the Bible, condemn fornication, she has preferred to think in terms of a more tolerant god such as the ones that others embrace where anything you want to believe is okay as long as you acknowledge that there is a higher power somewhere.

So, should celebrities such as Oprah be the example for singles and even married women? If someone is rich and famous, shouldn’t we try to do what she or he does? The wealthy of our world are the ones who get the most press, but especially those, it would appear, who defy morality and hop into bed with this person or that because they are in love. But when something goes wrong, they fall out of love and jump into bed with someone else. Or they marry, and when bumps in the marital road occur, they head for the divorce court with little thought of saving the marriage. Is that what promising to love and cherish someone through marital union should be about? Is that what relationships should entail? Our answer: No! It’s a trap and a deadly one at that.

Regardless of whether Oprah has hopped into bed with anyone, the inference is there, although I’ll give her this much – she evidentally has stuck with Stedman and Stedman alone. At least that is her public persona. Perhaps that’s possible, given her heavy schedule. Would she have time for anyone else?

Oprah may be squeaky clean morally, but too many women are following the lead of celebrities who aren’t. What they are searching for and what they think they want by embracing immoral lifestyles will elude them as surely as the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

This has alarmed us here at Love Relationship Headquarters, so that what women want, why they want it and where they can find it is what our books and material are all about. It is amazing that women can continue to make decisions that they justify morally while compromising their life’s purpose. The reasons why run far deeper than they realize – and the consequences of doing it wrong can scar their lives and souls, not only as long as they live on this earth – but forever.

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