Which Is The Best Camping Tent?

Life in urban cities takes its toll on its citizens. Alienated from nature, there is hardly any occasion where one can commune with nature. Yet urban life is a creation of human imagination and labor. Technologies have transformed large parts of the earth completely. Green house gases are released, particularly carbon dioxide, heating up the earth. Depletion of ozone layer which protects us from the radiation by the sun is yet another cause of worry. Global warming and climate change are hot topics of debate. Combating climate change is a challenge. Unnatural floods, draughts, tsunamis, melting of the polar ice caps and the rise of sea level to drown out islands are identified as the new threats.

With increased knowledge and awareness about the environment and environmental crisis, there is increased involvement of people to protect and conserve nature. There is a passionate determination to defend the areas rich in nature and not yet modified significantly by man. More and more people are planning their trips to such areas. These could be the forests, mountains or the wild life sanctuaries. It does not matter that these areas do not have the facilities that we are used to. In fact, many prefer to visit areas that do not have these facilities so that they can really live it out.

There are camping sites where visitors are provided basic facilities. There are locations where visitors are permitted to come and stay during particular seasons. Visitors are encouraged to take with them basic survival needs as a backpack. There are a number of stores that sell camping equipments. Amongst the various camping equipment one would require is the camping tent. There are a variety of camping tents that are available. These are available in a variety of designs and models. Camping tents in various sizes are also available that can accommodate single persons to as many as ten people. Kelty Green River 6 is a two season large tent designed for car camping. It can also be used as a base camp tent. It has no windows and has one door. It can comfortably accommodate a family of six.

The tent should stand up to the wind and keep the rain out. At the same time they should not intrude and disturb the surroundings. These camping tents are available for purchase online.

Camping is an outdoor activity. Thus, when you decide to do so, always choose to bring camping gears of good quality.

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