When You Need a Sports Gift for Him that He can use every Monday

Almost everyone in our generation can tell you what Monday night means in houses all over the country: Monday night football. Prime-time football was introduced to take a piece of network monopolies from Sunday nights. And it worked. Sales of NFL merchandise soared and thousands of new fans were born. Lately, ratings for the games have dipped. But we still have those die-hard watchers in our lives and at gift-giving occasions we ask ourselves: “Should we get sports gifts for him again this year?” The answer is, of course: YES! Sports collectibles for the Monday night football fan come in a huge variety and are fairly easy to find. Although stores like Academy and Sports Authority, even Wal-Mart and Target have MLB merchandise, and NCAA merchandise too, their NFL merchandise makes every night feel more like Monday night.

Whether your buying a sports gift for him for his TV room, rec room, or bedroom, you can find sports collectibles for all kinds of football teams. Although NCAA merchandise is popular, for the NFL fan, only the professional teams will do! Consider supporting his favorite NFL team by buying him a Cleveland Browns neon sign, table lamp, or comfy armchair accessory that will hold his remote and TV Guide. If the sports gift for him isn’t at the store, or they’re out of stock in the team that you want, let your mouse do the walking and check the Internet for deals of NFL merchandise.

Having guys over for the big game? Maybe he makes it a weekly “boys night” in? Do your coffee table a favor by buying coasters with his team logo. There are also serving platters, beer mugs, bar stools, and trash cans that he and his buddies can use while watching. There is even NFL merchandise in the form of furniture stamped with team logos and in team colors. This stuff is a little bit on the pricey end, but definitely worth it for the guy who has every other sports collectible out there. Any sports gift for him you buy will probably be shared during Monday night football sessions, so make sure to choose NFL merchandise that everyone can benefit from. When the last tortilla chip is gone, and the mascot of their favorite team is staring back at them, everyone will know that your sports gift for him was a great idea!

Sometimes it’s not just one team that he follows, but the entire league. In this case, the best sports gift for him might be a boxed set so he can watch games over and over. There are DVD sets with Monday night football footage on them, movies that spoof the Monday night “hype” and behind-the-scenes, huddles, and locker room footage filmed documentary-style. With unique sports collectibles like these, he can have enough insight into player statistics, team playing styles, and rule and regulations not just to be a “Monday morning quarterback” but a Monday night one as well.

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