When To Travel To China – Choosing An Ideal Time To Travel To The Destination Of Your Choice

Some countries have their own popular and less popular seasons to visit, usually based on the particular time of year. If you do not like the weather conditions during your planned travel period, you might make plans to visit another part of the world instead.

However, China is an exception. Being the third largest country in the world, it has a wide variety of offerings in its different regions, which have vastly different climates and weather conditions.

Hence you will certainly be able to find something that would cater to your tastes no matter when you plan to visit. I shall thus provide you with some information on the different climates and characteristics of different regions that would help you to plan when to travel to China.

General and specific weather conditions for different seasons

Broadly speaking, most people visit China in all seasons except winter. The spring and autumn usually have pleasant temperatures of between 10-22C with generally clear skies and less rain. It is hence advisable to wear slightly thicker clothing or bring a windbreaker in case of unpredictable weather.

For the summers, you may want to bring along a raincoat or umbrella as you can expect high temperatures and heavy rainfall. If you plan to visit China during the winter, especially in the north, you have to adequately prepare yourself for extremely low temperatures.

Generally, as you get further from the coast, you will experience more extreme temperatures, hence do be prepared. That being said, do monitor the news for the latest weather conditions in your destination.

If you are visiting northern China, including Beijing, do take note that the region experiences freezing winters from December to March, while warm temperatures prevail for six months towards the middle of the year. Dust storms may occasionally be experienced in spring or summer, hence do take sufficient precautions.

If your travels take you to central China such as Shanghai, Chongqing and Wuhan, do be prepared for high summer temperatures, and short and bleak winters. You may also want to prepare yourself for the high levels of precipitation experienced by this region around the year.

If you would prefer to visit a place with a semi-tropical climate, Southern China, comprising of places such as Guangzhou and Hainan Island, would be right for you. Temperatures and humidity levels soar in the summer, while the short winters are more tolerable with moderate temperatures. It will however get colder if you leave the coastal area.

Taking into account the number of visitors

While planning your China trip, you may also like to take into account the number of visitors who will throng the attractions which you will visit. As mentioned earlier, spring through autumn is a popular season for China travel, hence you can expect larger crowds during this period.

These visitor numbers reach their peak during the Golden Weeks which generally see a huge surge in local tourists. These periods include the Spring Festival as well as the week following National Day on 1 October.

If you have made up your mind to travel during the off-peak winter season, I suggest that you can consider participating in some of the most breathtaking winter festivals. Of special mention is the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Here you can expect to see only the finest carvings of ice and snow sculptures, as well as multiple exciting winter sports to engage in.

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