Cooking Chinese food is not difficult but where you start is by getting the proper equipment and starting out with small easy dishes such as stir fry. For stir fry, you should have a wok although you can use a skillet but neither the process nor the taste of the food would be the same as Cooking Chinese with a wok.

A cast iron wok is generally recommended. However, today there are many choices of wok. In addition to the standard and traditional wok, are stainless steel and electric ones.

Once you have decided on the type of wok you are going to use and actually buy it, you now need to have the proper utensils such as spatulas, skimmers, etc. You also need the correct spices and sauces, and some of the more popular sauces are Hoisin sauce, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, and fish sauces. For spices, you are always safe using the five spice powder, or a spice that is called for in your recipe. Typical Chinese oils used in cooking Chinese are Sesame oil, a good vegetable oil or, you can use olive oil. Another addition to your stir fry, to make it more authentic, is peanuts or sesame seeds.

In cooking Chinese stir fry, there is a proper procedure to follow in order to have your food turn out tasty and have it all the different textures cook through properly. To begin with, decide what vegetables you are going to use in your stir fry. Keep in mind that when you are cooking Chinese, vegetables are a very important part of the dish. Vegetables are always used when you are cooking Chinese. Americans tend to use vegetables as a side dish wherein, the Chinese use vegetables in the dish and often more than one kind of vegetable is used.

The question was: when cooking Chinese where do I start? You start by lining up your vegetables and begin cutting long narrow strips. Keep each vegetable separately and they will not be going into the pot together. Cut your meat, fish, or poultry, also into long thin strips. When you have everything cut up you can now start your stir fry. The thicker ingredients will go into the hot oil first and stirred while they are frying. When these ingredients are partially cooked remove them from the pot and place them on a paper towel, then add the other ingredients one at a time until they are tender but crisp. Return the partially cooked ingredients previously fried and cook for a while longer and add soy sauce and salt and pepper. Make a slurry of corn starch and water and mix it into the food until you have a light thick sauce, and serve over rice.

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