What’s The Best Tent To Bring For Camping?

Recreation is a leisure time activity. It has a therapeutic effect on the body and mind which is important in a life of stress and strain. Skiing, bungee jumping, snowboarding, hang gliding, sky diving, rock climbing, canyoning, backpacking, adventure tourism, motor sport and ecotourism are some of the popular recreational activities now. Ecotourism deals with travel to fragile and pristine areas. There are two types of ecotourism. The first has as its main aim to appreciate and learn from nature with the flora, fauna and cultural heritage as the focus. It appeals to the socially and ecologically conscious people. The experience is to provide appreciation of natural habitats and to reflect on human impact on nature. This is also called responsible ecotourism. The second is the crass commercial tourism targeting natural destination. This category of tourism dominates the ecotourism sector.

Ecotourism that does not have ecology and local cultures as its central concern is indiscriminate in the way they conduct themselves. Ecology is nothing but a tool for them to market in order to attract tourists. The rich natural habitat becomes the location for constructing modern luxurious hotels, lodges and resorts with all the trappings of the modern wasteful lifestyle. Neither respect nor conservation for nature is in their agenda. The result is the fast deterioration of the surrounding ecology and degradation of the nature. Better infrastructure and more tourists mean more waste generation and pollution. Nature gets trampled in the process. Neither are the tourists mainly concerned about the impact of the luxury they enjoy on the surrounding ecology. And all this happens in the name of ecotourism.

In contrast to the destructive ecotourism is the responsible ecotourism. Visitors come in small groups discreetly with just a backpack containing their minimal survival needs. These include first aid kit, utensils, flashlight, map and personal care products amongst others. Two important items that they carry to provide minimal comfort and protection are the camping tent and their sleeping bags. Camping tents are manufactured by many firms such as Kelty, Sierra, Black Diamond, MSR and Eureka. Reviews of each of these tents which come with different features can be viewed in the Internet by searching, for instance, MSR Hubba Hubba Tent reviews.

Camping is usually associated with responsible tourism because the negative aspects of tourism are minimal. There is much attention given to energy efficiency, recycling, water conservation and economic benefits to local communities.

Indeed, camping is a way to relax and help the environment. It’s a better way of being at peace with yourself and of the environment as well.

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