What It Means To Have Canadian Car Insurance

One of the necessities in our lives is insurance. Purchasing as much as you are able is very important in order to provide the coverage you should have. Coverage provided by your Canadian car insurance companies is not the same in every province. Driving without insurance cannot be one of your choices.

Canadian law requires all drivers purchase automobile insurance. The insurance companies assess each application against many variables. The various rates are based on these assessments.

Canadian law has a minimum requirement for car insurance. The majority of provinces offer the minimum of $200,000 for personal damage and injury to others. If the claim is higher then the balance, other than $10,000 offered for property damage, is to be covered by you. The minimum requirement in the province of Quebec is only $50,000. As the coverage for individual injury is covered by the government.

Perhaps you feel that purchasing the minimum insurance would be a good strategy. If so, then be sure to evaluate your assets against your needs and then perhaps purchase further insurance coverage. Whatever the form of insurance it is there to help you through unexpected disasters that may occur.

The company will require personal information from you. They must know how old you are, your gender, your residence, the details of your car, and if you have had previous accidents or traffic tickets. With this information the company is able to assess the risk factor. In turn, reaching their decision they give you the rate and the appropriate policy.

Typically your basic policies in Canada provide coverage should you be at fault and another person is injured. This type is called third party liability. Should you be injured in an accident you will receive coverage. If you are a victim of a hit and run or the driver of the other vehicle is not insured the insurance provides coverage in the event of injury or death.

Also available as optional is coverage including all perils, comprehensive and specified perils, and collision. All of these options or a combination are available for protection should you lose or damage your car due to fire, collision, theft and other risks. You evaluate your options and then find out the cost. You may feel that some are more important to you than others.

We do not all have classic cars but should you have one you can get special insurance for your car. There are many conditions attached to the insurance coverage and it is quite expensive. It may be worth protecting your investment by getting the best coverage possible.

A broker who is licensed will sell you the insurance you need. These brokers will act on your behalf with automobile insurance companies. They attempt to get the best coverage for you, as they are totally independent. They are there to advise and support you in your choices and respect your specific needs. You are also able to deal directly with the insurance company of your choice who offers you their rates according to your needs. Another option is to get rates and comparisons by going online.

Your protection and that of your family is the issue here. Purchase the maximum amount of a car insurance policy you possibly can afford. You may be spending the money now however if disaster strikes you will be saving it later.

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