What Is The Function Of The Apple IPad?

The iPad Laptop is a small flat laptop that is in Slate form. It has a touch screen operating system and is used much in the same way as the iPhone. It is a much bigger system, about the span of an open book. This is convenient because one of its main uses is as an eBook device, which allows users to download text onto the screen and read it like a book. It is much like the Kindle product made by Amazon.

It is to officially go on sale at the end of March, 2010 and orders have already broken records. It has gotten huge amounts of press and made its first major appearance on stage at the Grammy Awards. It was used as a plug for Apple, since the iPad was read from to announce the winner.

From behind it looks like a small, closed Apple laptop. From the front, it looks like an iPhone five times its normal size. It has no keyboard or mouse that come with it, though it is very sophisticated technology that is able to play music, record sound, use almost all current Macintosh programs for computer and phone, connect to the web, download many different types of files, and make phone calls.

It weighs just a pound and a half, which is amazing considering its memory and battery capabilities. It connects to WiFi. On the outside, it is easily the simplest of modern Apple products. There is only one USB port and one headphone jack. There are speakers and a microphone built in. That is it.

This product had been in the works for seventeen years before it was finally released in January 2010. Its long production ensured firstly that all the major kinks and problems could be worked out. It secondly made the hype over the product far more than it would have been over any other Apple product.

Despite this, many people were shocked by the price which is five hundred dollars. This is not including if you would like accessories like a mouse or keyboard plug in. Some have wondered at the lack of some features. Perhaps they will be offered later as upgrades in software form in order to make more money. These problems are the device’s inability to run more than one program at a time, no video camera despite the microphone (meaning video chat cannot happen), and problems with the wide screen format.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the name. Some find it to have repugnant associations and some are upset that the name was not originally theirs, but was rather taken after another product named iPAD was abandoned. Nevertheless, Apple cannot go back on the name now since it has gained so much publicity and is ready to go on shelves shortly.

Lawyers from both sides are unsure to whom the name legally belongs and if there is an impending law suit. It is doubtful it will harm sales at all, though it may delay the product reaching shelves. If there is one, it will be cutting it very close to the release date.

The iPad Price is a petite, flat pc that is in tablet form. Go here to Submit Articles.

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