What Exactly Is Psychic Power?

Psychic power has been subjected many debates for centuries. No debates could define all the stages of psychic powers and attain a perfect conclusion. Reason is simple; it is an ability of your unconscious mind to perceive information in extraordinary style from the nature. People who have uncommon psychic power can perceive knowledge using other than five senses defined by psychology.

You may not realize that you too have psychic abilities. You might have perceived some kinds of vision or information from your surrounding without sensing them. Have you ever felt like your girl friend is going to call you before she rings your mobile and she did in few seconds? Or you saw a dream last night that a specific place in your home town is going to be attacked by some terror outfits and you read the story of the incident in news paper this morning? Yes, don’t get confused; these all are born from the psychic power of your mind! Everyone has this ability, though not at same level.

People having extreme psychic power can predict future scenarios. They make cold reading, hot reading and many other strange abilities will present within them. Psychologists have classified different psychic powers in different names. Here are a few.

We have heard about the sixth sense and wondered about the way how people having this sense perceive information using their conscious and unconscious minds from the nature. You may remember different scenes of the movie “The Sixth Sense” by Monoj Shyamalan. They can see a people’s aura lights they give off from their body, decode the meaning and interpret what the aura indicates. Spirits and soul are visible before them and some psychics can even converse and collect information from these sprits!

Modern psychology admitted the psychic power called “clairvoyance”. It is an extra sensory perception and the clairvoyance psychic can undergo communicate even to angels and spirit. They can for see things going to happen in their surrounding by smelling the secret code of things.

Another stage of psychic power is Clairaudience. Clairvoyant psychics converse sprits using images, actions and symbols but they are unable to hear spoken words from them while clairaudients hear conversations between spirits and perceive information. They can even feel emotions and tastes of spirits! Clairaudients have the ability to become one of them and experience kind of pressure on their head while communicating with spirits. They behave very strange during these times.

Two other major psychic abilities are Psychometry and remote viewing. People who have ability to sense of touch to do a reading and pick up an object or images belong to some other persons. As they can sense frequencies and vibrations from others aura, they are very helpful to find out missing persons or objects.

Some psychics have the ability to communicate with deceased person. They can grab knowledge from past events, a late friend or experience. They act as a medium between many spiritual conversations. They can predict future. Persons with this psychic ability are known as psychic having Medium ship power.

Remote viewing is another wonderful ability of some psychics. They can explain the situations or geographies they have never been to. This psychic ability has been helpful man kind in many ways.

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