What Do You Do If You Are Involved In An Automobile Accident

Often clients do not really know what they should do to protect their interests and own personal safety when they are involved in a major car accident.

MOVE YOUR VEHICLE TO A SAFE PLACE The first thing that should be done is to move the vehicle into a position where the vehicle they are in is not going to be hit again with another vehicle. If your accident is on the freeway, it is imperative that you pull over to the side of the road; so that your vehicle is not hit again by another car that is being inattentive and is just trying to get through. If the accident occurs at night I suggest that you put your hazard lights on immediately. I have unfortunately, represented numerous people who were involved in an auto accident, and then their vehicle is struck again by another vehicle who for some reason could not see their vehicle.

CALL THE POLICE AND AMBULANCE If yourself, any of the passengers or anyone else involved in the accident have any onset of pain you should seek medical care immediately, and have the police come out to investigate the accident. The police officer will come out and speak to witnesses, parties involved in the accident, and sometimes take measurements to reconstruct how the accident occurred.

COLLECT INFORMATION It is very important for you to collect as much information as possible to preserve it for later use when you go see your attorneys. The information that you should collect is the following: 1) Drivers License, license plate #, Registered Owner information of the other vehicle 2) If you have a camera phone, or camera in your car take pictures of the other vehicle involved 3) If there are any witnesses to the accident, don’t wait for the police to arrive to take their information. Get their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail information so that we can get a proper statement from them

Finally, you should seek the advice of a competent attorney that will represent you in your case so that the insurance companies do not take advantage of you and your loved ones when you need to have your vehicle repaired, medical expenses paid, recover for your emotional distress damages.

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