What Activities Can We Do For Team Building?

Studies show that when businesses take part in team building or reward days it motivates staff, brings teams closer together and improves productivity, but it can be difficult to choose and activity that pleases all your staff. So here is some inspiration for activities to make your reward day a massive success.

First on the list is probably the original team builder; orienteering. It may seem a little drastic to take your team out to the countryside and leave them to find their way back together, but an orienteering session forces a team to cooperate and work together. Splitting staff into teams also drives up the competition and can make it more enjoyable for the more competitive team members. In activities like this, an employer often gets to see more genuine versions of their staff, and will often find qualities in others that they’ve never noticed before.

When a team is lacking in laughs and fun, then an ‘It’s a knock out’ contest will definitely get them all laughing- at themselves and each other! You could opt for a couple of events or go for a full day competition including water, gladiator challenges, silly costumes and blow up equipment, but whatever you choose, your team is sure to be entertained and challenged.

If your team would prefer a more sophisticated reward day, then cocktail making would be a great choice. These sessions are offered by bars all over the country, your group will be able to make their own classic cocktails, taste a range of creations and learn about the history of cocktails and what makes the perfect blend. Informal activities like this usually appeal to most team members, and often means people mix with colleagues they have never even spoken to before.

Another more leisurely way spend a corporate reward day is with a day at the races. What could be more fun than getting your fanciest summer outfit on, having a few drinks and heading to Aintree Ascot or York. You could go all out and book a private box for your team, or if they’re a more informal bunch head to the open course, with a deluxe picnic and some deck chairs. A little flutter or two will add even more excitement to the day, but even the none gamblers will enjoy the people watching, glamour and bubbly!

Last but not least is a good old quiz night. Quiz nights are cheap to organise and are something everyone can take part in, so hire a function room and do your own, or go to one at your local pub. You could even make it a regular thing to continue the staff integration for weeks to come.

Chester makes a great corporate destination and whether you are looking to booksome team building in Cheshire or have decided to organise some corporate entertainment in the North West, there will be something in the Cheshire area for you.

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