Weeds Is A Showtime TV Series About Selling Pot

One of the best and funniest tv shows of the last ten years would have to be Weeds. The show is one of many in the trend that defined television for the last decade: Realism. Weeds definitely belongs on your queue the next time you log into your TV and movie download service.

It began with reality television. See, for a time, fictional television had just plain gotten too darn formulaic. It always felt like you were just watching mindless television. It always came down to the same characters: The wacky neighbors, the football loving dads and their football widows, stories about the kid borrowing the car without asking and so on, and… It was just really predictable.

Along came reality television. Say what you will about it, but it did make some changes. TV producers found that viewers really responded better to more realistic scenarios, more real people. Even if reality shows are staged, even if they can be crass and artless, the fact remains that they use real human emotions and drama to build the whole package, even if that real drama is sometimes twisted around in editing to seem more extreme than it really is.

The first show to adapt and survive in this new television climate was The Sopranos. Twenty years ago, it could have just been some mafia show. See, in Goodfellas, the characters worry about the business, but on The Sopranos, the characters worry about business as well as family, personal finances, their relations with their friends, sex, health, psychological well being and so on. You know, everything we have to worry about in real life.

Weeds follows the same trend, with a really funny concept: A suburban single mother makes ends meet by selling weed. It’s part stoner humor, part crime story and part family drama, and very funny.

The show is really defined by some great characters. The Candyman is one of the best. She’s actually a female character, codenamed the Candyman. She runs a bakery that specializes in marijuana goodies. She’s also a fitness nut, refusing to sell to anyone who doesn’t promise to exercise and burn off the extra calories provided by her brownies and cupcakes.

The show follows two primary plot threads: One following the mother’s journey in building her criminal empire, and one following her family issues and the local gossip. Watching how the two stories affect one another is always worth a laugh.

Be warned that the show is quite addictive. Each season is really designed as a self contained story, as opposed to each episode, so when you watch one, you’ll want to watch the next one right away. Make sure to download a whole season at a time if you really want to enjoy the series. Just be ready to set a few hours aside whenever you want to sit down and watch.

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