Utah Jeep Dealer’s Best Has A History Worth Mentioning

The announcement of the new Jeep Cherokee has made some pretty substantial waves in the auto industry and I’m sure every Utah Jeep dealer is excited. I hope I’m not the only one that is hoping for Jeep to be revived to the kind of quality reputation that has given it the momentum to last this long. The truth is that Jeep has become somewhat of an American icon; so, low-quality Jeep production translates to low-quality American production. In any case, the American automobile industry just isn’t the same without Jeep setting the bar for quality. For the sake of its memory, I’ll take you back to the Jeep that gave the now-recovering company its reputation for rugged endurance.

DaimlerChrysler obtained the trademark license for the word “Jeep” in 1950; 5 years after the Germans surrendered and ended World War II. Truth be told, the Jeep played a vital role in the Allied victory in that war. The need for such a vehicle sprang from the need for an off-road vehicle that could keep up with the military convoys on highways. When the design for the Jeep leaked out, the U.S. government awarded Ford Motor Company, Bantam Car Company and Willy’s with 1,500-car contracts, even though Bantam was behind the design originally in 1940. Something similar to that design can be found today from a Utah Jeep dealer.

The first name held by the little 4X4 was the Bantam Reconnaissance Car, but within a decade was changed to the Jeep. Jeep comes from the pronunciation of the acronym GP. The common belief is that that acronym stands for General Purpose, but it is an incorrect belief. The “G” comes from the word Government and the “P” means that it has a wheel base of 80 inches. There surprisingly several misconceptions regarding the Jeep, but we don’t have the space or the time to discuss them all. A Utah Jeep dealer can help you with the rest.

During the 1940’s and 1950’s the auto industry, with every Utah Jeep dealer, was on its way to developing a lot of very beautiful models of cars. In response to the Government’s call to action, most manufacturing plants were turned into war production factories; many making the strikingly less appealing Jeeps. Before it was shipped out, the Jeep had to pass several tests which it passed with flying colors. The placement of the ignition allowed for it to drive through deep water without dying and the sturdy construction of its frame allowed it to withstand ridiculous amounts of abuse from bumps. In fact, video from the testing periods show it going airborne and continuing without a hic-up. With the help of a tarp, the Jeep could even be paddled across rivers and streams. Its size allowed it to be loaded onto small boats, planes and even gliders. Indeed, it was very diverse!

Because of the many uses the Jeep proved valuable for, it earned the trust of the U.S. military. When the war was over, that trust was transferred over to the American people. Outdoorsmen everywhere began to get their own Jeeps from war surplus stores. These were, of course, stripped of any combat equipment such as canon, machine guns and flame throwers. Even today, the most popular truck for mud-bogging, rock-climbing or just trail-riding remains the jeep. Though skeptics have wondered, any Utah Jeep dealer will assure you that the future looks bright for our little Jeep.

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