Using Rice Cooker To Cook Eggs

Rice cookers, like many of the small electrical kitchen appliances today, no longer just cook the rice. Today’s rice cooker can steam vegetables, cook soup or stews, and cook the rice as well. To begin with, you can cook an egg on top of the rice just before the rice is finished cooking. You have to watch the egg so that it can come out the way you like your egg cooked. Once you have timed it to the way you like it, the next time it is easier to make.

The rice cooker can also be used to make one dish meals, such as chicken casserole, beef or pork stews, soups, and oatmeal for breakfast or other porridge type breakfasts. You can also steam your veggies such as: broccoli, spinach, zucchini, and more. The rice cooker can be used to make many healthy meals.

As for eggs, you can cook hard boiled eggs in your rice cooker and you can steam eggs as well. The steamed eggs can be used to make an egg custard that can be used as an appetizer. There is no end to the kind of eggs that can be prepared in your rice cooker.

If you want a hard boiled egg or a soft boiled egg, then place a well cleaned egg into the rice when it is half way cooked. Push it down into the rice until it is about eighty to eighty five percent submerged in the rice. Continue cooking the egg in the rice until the rice is done. If you want the egg soft boiled take it out sooner. For hard boiled, let it cook until the rice is completely cooked.

If you like egg custard, then prepare your ingredients the way you ordinarily would and strain those ingredients into the rice cooker to steam. If your rice cooker only has heat and warm cycles, then start your custard at the heat cycle for just a few minutes then complete it using the warm cycle.

You can also use your rice cooker to make scrambled eggs. The procedure is not like frying the scrambled eggs as it uses water to cook the eggs as follows:

• Add a little oil into the bottom of your rice cooker especially if it is not a non stick pot.
• Using medium size eggs break them into the heated oil.
• Cover the eggs with water (a ratio of about one tenth of a cup of water for egg in the rice cooker.
• As soon as you have all of the eggs in the cooker cover the pot and let the eggs cook for about thirty minutes.
• Uncover the pot and with a spatula scramble the eggs until all of the water has boiled away.
• The eggs are now ready to serve in whatever manner you normally serve your scrambled eggs.

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