Understanding The World Of The Psychic

An individual who possesses an extra sensory perception which enables him/her to perceive certain things from our surroundings which otherwise is not perceptible to other people or through the normal sense organs is known as a psychic. In simpler terms psychic come to ‘know’ about certain things from the environment with the gift of their sixth sense which other people cannot.

Many a times it happens that if a loved one is thousands of miles away, one can see him/her meeting an accident or winning a cup, one may also dream about certain things which later on come true. There are numerous such examples of psychic experiences in the world where science cannot always explain the cause. The most common psychic experiences are those of telepathy, precognition and clairvoyance.

If you perceive what the person sitting next to you is thinking in his mind, you are a psychic with the power of telepathy. That is, you have the ability to mind read and in further advanced stages might also be able to infuse your own thoughts into the minds of others.

If a psychic has the special ability to gain knowledge about the future, then the psychic is known to have the power of precognition. Thus, accurate prediction of future events or incidents by a psychic is the result of his precognitive abilities. This type of psychic power is the most common in the world and needless to say that it is also the most popular, owing to the fact the humans have an innate desire to know about what the future holds for them.

Thirdly, a psychic with an ability of ‘clear viewing’ or clairvoyance is termed a psychic clairvoyant, who is able to see things that are happening thousands of miles away or are hidden from the normal eye. For example, in case of aura reading, the psychic is able to see the different colours of another person’s aura emanating from him which is not visible to the naked eye of the third person.

Other powers or abilities that a psychic might have, can be that of ability to move things with mind power, ability to levitate off the ground, ability to perceive the field of energies in different colours coming out from an individual, ability to float out from your physical body during sleep, ability to communicate with spirits, etc.

If a person wants to find out whether he is a psychic or not then he can get himself tested. Nowadays, hundreds of online psychic tests can be availed of with a few clicks in front of your computer which can tell you whether you are a psychic or not. You can get yourself tested by a research institute in a clinical set up which would give you more accurate and detailed results in case you want to know the extent of your psychic abilities.

The oldest and highly popular test of zener cards tests both existence as well as intensity. Here a deck of cards is used with each card having a symbol. The process starts with the removal of a card after which you need to state that cards symbol using your extra sensory perceptions. This goes on till the deck is finished and thereafter the score is given based on the test’s inbuilt algorithms to reflect whether you have ‘no ability’, ‘some ability’, ‘significant ability’ or ‘very significant ability’ thereof. If you find that you are a true psychic having significant or higher abilities, be sure to put your power to good use so that it comes to the help of other fellow human beings.

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