Traditional Weddings Customs: Russian Brides

Wedding ceremonies are different in every country you visit. The customs in Egypt won’t be the same as the ones in China. This is an accepted truth no matter where you go so it is easy to understand why some people may want to learn how things may be different for them. Here are some customs Russian brides need to know for traditions sake.

In a Russian wedding the titles of best man and maid of honor are changed slightly. Instead these people are called witnesses, or “svideteli”. The celebration of a marital joining frequently lasts for at least two days but can go on for longer.

Some things in traditional Russian marriages are the same as in American ones. One of these things is the time it takes to put the wedding together. A Russian wedding can take between one and six months. The marriage registration takes place in a “Zags” as opposed to our American courthouses.

As a symbol for hopeful longevity, health, and prosperity the new couple is given gifts of bread and salt. These are more than just food. They are the one of the ways for the older generation to bless the new couple.

This bread is even more important to the couple itself. Besides the blessings of their parents the bread is also a symbol of power and sharing. They each take a bite of this bread and whoever has taken the biggest bite is assumed to be the head of the family. This is a visual prop to allow them to see the give and take of marriage.

Toasts are an important part of American marriages. They are tools in which individuals who are close to the couple can share. In traditional Russian weddings this is no different. The speaker stands and once they are finished everyone takes a drink and cheers.

There are many wedding traditions that require breaking or smashing glass. Russian traditions are no different. When a toast is complete it is expected for the drinkers to throw their glasses on the ground. If they break completely when they land this is believed to be good luck. If blood is drawn, however, the couple could be in for a bumpy road.

One of the most interesting customs in a traditional Russian wedding is known as Krazha Nevesty. This means “stealing the bride” and it is exactly as it sounds. That’s right; if the groom fails to watch his bride closely he may just end up without a wife.

During the wedding celebrations friends and family members of the groom will often set up elaborate schemes in order to snatch his beloved. He has to stay on his toes! If he loses his bride he is then forced to pay a ransom for her return.

There are a great many things you have to remember if you are planning to join the growing group of Russian brides. Above all the rest, though, you have to keep in mind that you are about to get married. This should be one of the happiest days of your life no matter how you celebrate it. So get out there and be happy.

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