Toast History

There are very few people that do not like the taste of toasted bread. But how did the toasting of bread start? Although it cannot be proven that there are some people that believe that toasting bread came into being around the Neolithic era, when prehistoric people put chunks of bread on sticks and toasted them in a flame. How true this is, we don’t really know unless we research the history of bread. This too is not something that can be proven.

Toast as we know it began with the advent of sliced bread. The bread was toasted on open flames using a stick or something similar to hold the bread over the flame. This procedure graduated and we saw the invention of a toaster that sat on a flame. The toaster was an inverted V-shape with wires that were strung from end-to-end. When the toaster was placed on the flame, the wires heated up and the toast was laid on the heated up wires. When one side was toasted, then the bread was turned to toast the other side.

The inverted V-shape toaster became an inverted V-shape electric toaster. The procedure was approximately the same except that now, the wires on the toaster were heated with electricity. The bread was laid on a little door and when the door was closed, the bread laid on the hot wires and the bread was toasted. When the one side was toasted, the door was opened causing the bread to fall down into the down and invert itself so that the other side could be toasted. In each case, the toast had to be watched carefully in order to keep it from burning.

Today, toast is made in a much more modern toaster that causes the bread to pop up when it is completely toasted. The toasters today accommodate all sorts of bread in order to make toast. We can toast bread, white, wheat or rye, and we can toast bagels and pastries. It is not just plain toast anymore. In fact, some toasters can toast sandwiches as well as hot dogs that are on the bun.

Toast can be made in toasters that have anywhere from two to six slots for toasting two to six slices of bread. In order to accommodate narrow spaces, the toaster can have a long vertical slot that will take more than one slice of bread. In order to make a larger quantity of toast, some toasters will toast the bread in a toaster that has a conveyor that takes the bread through the heated coils and sends it out completely toasted.

Toast has had many changes throughout its lifetime, but the one thing that has not changed is people’s love of toast, especially for breakfast.

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