Titanium For Modern Wedding Rings

If you are choosing your wedding ring or buying an item of jewelry as a special gift for somebody else, titanium has a lot of plus points, sometimes being a better choice than the more traditional gold, silver or platinum. It resists corrosion and as a result does not easily become tarnished.

In the case of highly-polished items of jewelry such as silver and gold wedding band rings, over time it is inevitable that the jewelry will tend to lose some of its shine and color. No matter whether the rings are stored in properly-designed jewelry boxes or in a safe, the oxygen which is present in the air surrounding the rings will react with the metals and eventually change the color.

The reaction of the ring metal with atmospheric oxygen is naturally accelerated if the ring is worn on a regular basis because the sweat, in combination with the warm body temperature, increases the rate of the chemical reaction. Another benefit of titanium is that it is hypoallergenic, meaning that there are very few people who have skin which is sensitive to being in contact with it.

Those with skin allergies who can’t wear gold or silver rings (or the nickel often found in them), don’t have to be worried about reactions to the ring if they choose titanium as a ring metal rather than the traditional choices of metal. It’s also really tough and doesn’t wear like other metals.

The durability of titanium makes it a great choice for active people who like to be involved in outdoor activities, including sailing on the sea. It is quite a common occurrence that people experience damage to their gold or silver rings after taking part in outdoor activities.

Ring damage can be largely avoided if titanium ring metal is chosen instead of gold or silver. Also, titanium metal is very strong for its weight, or has a high strength to weight ratio.

Because titanium rings are lighter than those made from silver or gold, and also a lot stronger (stronger than steel), they are more comfortable when worn and make for a better experience. Add to this that they are very fashionable at present.

Titanium is quite a new metal in the fashion arena, and it is at the center of many new fashion innovations. Its versatility means that it combines well with other metals such as gold or silver, and in particular gemstones. It lends itself to traditional methods of finishing and engraving, and can also undergo anodization to give different colors.

As well as wedding rings, titanium is used to make many other types of jewelry. It is a great choice for wedding rings and other jewelry, and its looks will stand the test of time.

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