Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy

Healthy skin is often a reflection of a healthy lifestyle. Soft, supple skin, free of the telling signs of aging are what most women desire but the appearance of healthy skin is only part of the overall equation. Skin is actually an organ and as such should be given the same attention as the body’s other vital organs. Healthy skin is the result of long-term attention but anyone can start reversing the effects of poor skin health with a few tips.

As stated, the skin is an organ. It is comprised of three layers – the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layers. These layers are comprised of cells which work together to help protect the body by providing a covering for all the vital organs, muscles, and bones inside. The skin is incredibly resilient, able to shed dead cells and regenerate new ones quickly, and is responsive to both external and internal factors. The skin helps regulate body temperature and also helps prevent infection from entering the body.

As important as skin is, it’s surprising how many people abuse it without even realizing the damage they are doing. The two biggest external contaminants to skin are the sun’s damaging UV rays and the toxins produced from first-hand and second-hand smoke. To keep skin healthy, wear adequate sunscreen every day – even in the winter – and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun during the hottest parts of the day. Also avoid smoking and second-hand smoke. Smoking and sun damage both cause premature aging of the skin, resulting in wrinkles and sallow appearance at an early age.

The next best thing you can do for your skin is to keep it properly hydrated. Lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer is great for hydrating skin from the outside but remember to hydrate from the inside as well by drinking plenty of water every day. Drinking at least 32 ounces of water every day is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your skin and probably the easiest.

Nutrition also plays a role in skin health. Nutrients found in raw fruits and vegetables can have a profound impact on the health of the skin, as well as other vital organs. The results of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can be seen through healthier cell production, increased function, and overall appearance. When your regular diet fails to provide you with all the nutrients you need, you can talk to a doctor or nutritionist about taking dietary supplements that are good for the skin.

While these lifestyle tactics can vastly improve the health of your skin, there are other measures you can take to address specific skin problems. Many skin problems, like excessive dryness, redness, and irritation, should be addressed by a dermatologist. Some skin concerns can also be addressed by a skincare specialist. Minor problems, such as drying and irritation, can often be solved by switching to skincare products that are gentle and natural. Harsh soaps and skin products containing certain chemical compounds are actually bad for the skin and can strip the skin of its natural oils.

A visit to a skincare specialist or day spa can help revitalize skin that has suffered from damage due to harsh skin products. Consult with a specialist about the types of products that are good for your skin and won’t cause excessive drying. Using hypoallergenic products typically relieves minor irritation caused by some products. You might also want to consider a mineral wrap or similar skin treatment to help revitalize dry, tired skin, and replace some of the natural oils and minerals that may have been stripped away because of harsh products or seasonal dryness.

The more attention you give your skin now, the better it will look 20 years from now. While some skin conditions, such as brown spots, varicose veins and some cancers can be serious, both these and minor conditions, like wrinkles and fine lines, can often be avoided with proper skin care. Remember, avoid the sun and other external toxins, hydrate the skin regularly, and avoid harsh skin products, including chemical-laden sunscreens and insect repellents. Eat a healthy diet comprised of fresh fruits and vegetables. Use natural, gentle skin products and regularly treat your skin to a moisturizing mineral treatment to revitalize it. All of these tips will result in healthier and better-looking skin.

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