Tips on Decorating the Feng Shui Way

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that supposedly uses the laws of both astronomy and geography to help improve your living based on receiving positive energy. Feng shui means Wind-Water in English. When decorating the feng shui way, harmony, peace and balance are achieved by how objects are placed in the home. In order to decorate using the feng shui way, it is probably best to draw a layout of the house. When making your layout, remember that less is more. Nobody wants to live in a house of clutter.

The correct use of feng shui colors will bring a strong shift of energy in your home environment. Pink, for example, is a universal color that symbolizes love. This makes a great feng shui color for soothing energy. Pink is a delicate and gentle color feng shui vibration that has a calming effect on a person’s behavior. It is seemingly heart soothing and fills the heart with passion. Pink is also connected in feng shui to love and marriage. Gentle pink is the most popular feng shui color, even though the magenta pink is used a lot more. Pink is combined in feng shui with a host of other colors. Pink and green energizes fire and wood. Pink and black brings energies of fire and water.

Using feng shui principles in a patio design is said to promote harmony and success in your life. All clutter will have to be cleared from the patio area to create a free flow of energy. When preparing your patio design for feng shui, all seats should be able to provide a view of the patio. No chairs or seats should have their backs toward the entry way. Tables, fans, plants or lamps should not be in the way of foot traffic. If there are any plants on the patio that are dying, do not keep them. No hanging plants should be where they will sit over someone’s head. That will free anyone of worrying about the plant falling on them.

The most important of all concepts in feng shui is the one of bagua. Bagua is a tool that helps determine preferred locations in the home for certain functions like wealth, fame, love, health and more. Feng shui manages 5 elements that we need to remember when transforming our environment: water, fire, wood, metal and earth. These elements all move in different ways and creates the energy of our environment.

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