Throwing A Corporate Party And Need Ideas?

Company picnic ideas are all over the web and in forums. They are everywhere. Companies are having huge parties.., even in a down economy. Corporate picnics blow up employee morale, making all employees feel re-energized, and provide workers with a sense of purpose and value. Here are a few great tips to consider when planning a corporate event.

To start with, there are a few generic tips that you might consider when planning a corporate picnic. To plan a successful event, a company doesn’t need to plan a lavish reception. This is particularly relevant in today’s down economy. Company event planners should focus on less expensive options such as not serving wine, for example. Planners should also make sure that no employees are left out of the party; be respectful of employees’ dietary restrictions and religious beliefs (for example, by ordering Italian and lactose free foods for workers who request them); and should keep the tone of the event light and pleasurable. No hard core goals should be discussed at the party. Rather, it should be an event where employees come together as a team to enjoy a break together.

Now that a few more general concepts have been discussed, it would be worthwhile to discuss a few specific company themes that companies can focus their celebrations around. These include having an open house, organizing a bowling event, having employees engage in a scavenger hunt, and/or making the employees build something together.

A 50’s sock hop was too much fun with drive-in movies, drive-up diners, poodle skirts, greasers and hot rods! Go back to a 50’s Sock Hop that your staff will never forget. Be greeted by roller skating poodle girls, greasers and maybe even ‘Dick Clark’! We’re gonna “Rock Around the Clock”, do “The Twist” and “Shake, Rattle and Roll” all Afternoon at your picnic! Grease is a popular, universal depiction of what the 50’s stood for, and bringing it back to life will be a memorable even. You can even go under the boardwalk with Sandra Dee and Danny as they describe their “Summer Lovin” through a song and dance medley. With their friends’ help they can show you how this romance came to be! Confessing her love for Danny, Sandy then sings the memorable ballad “Hopelessly Devoted to You” to a lucky audience member. At the close of the ballad, the cast returns in bright, vibrant costumes and Grease jackets one last time to dance and proclaim “We Go Together”!

In addition to staging 50’s sock hop, you can put together a bowling trip. Bowling as a team will promote teamwork among your staff and senior management. Corporate event planners can bring together all the players and meet at the bowling alley after work, and serve pizza, hot dogs, chicken tenders and serve light beverages. Arrangements can be made very quickly renting out a bowling alley or a few lanes depending on the number of staff and senior management your company has. Company picnic planners need to be aware of all physical limitations.

Having employees engage in a scavenger hunt is also a type of office party that is fun for employees and not expensive. Where such hunts are concerned, employees are split up into teams. Each team is given a list of items to find. The team that finds all of its items first wins the hunt and a prize. The items can either be obtained or may appear as pictures. In a city, landmarks are typically the items that need to be found. The workers can return to their offices for light refreshments after the hunt takes place.

Last but not least, a corporate party can center around employees building something, usually with the proceeds going to a charity. Light food and beverages can be served at the event. An example of this is for employees to build a bicycle together. It is best not to let employees know the purpose of why they are building something until about halfway into the event. Their attitudes will then shift from being competitive to wanting to work in a collaborative manner once they know that they are building something for a charity.

In conclusion, there are lots of reasons why a company may want to hold a corporate event. Such events need not be costly, and all employees should be included. Some cost-effective and fun ideas for company parties include having an 50’s sock hop, a bowling experience, a scavenger hunt, and/or an event where employees create something together for a charitable purpose.

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