Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Heated Towel Rails

Your bathroom may not be the first thing one sees when entering your home as are the other rooms in the house. However, your bathroom is an important part of your house, and at some point or other during a day or evening your family, friends, and guests will see the bathroom because they will need the facilities. As such a focal point, your bathroom should be well accessorized and decorated.

When you think of making your bathroom warm and comfortable for those that may need it, don’t forget to think of your own comfort. Too often, we forget our own comfort. What can spell warmth and comfort better than heated towel rails?

Whether you live in a climate that is cold and wintry, or in a climate that is warm, there is nothing more refreshing than a warm towel when you come out of the bath or shower. We have seen and used the heated rails in hotels and motels when we have traveled, and they were always appreciated and enjoyed. Now you can have one in your own bathroom.

There are three different types of heated towel rails available: the one that is connected to a heating element already in place; another that runs on electricity. This one needs an outlet to which it can be connected, or an electrical heating system already in place to which it can be connected, and one that can be installed either of the two above ways mentioned.

Before you run out and buy your heated rail there are some things that should be taken into consideration, they are as follows:

  • The electric heated rails can be installed in your bathroom if you have an outlet to which it can be connected or; if you already have an electrical heating system in place to which the towel rail can be connected.

  • Choose the heated towel rail that will fit into the décor of your bathroom. Three of the choices you will have are: steel, brass, and chrome.
  • The size of the electric heated towel rails is dependant on the size of the bathroom into which they will be installed, and the wall space available for them. Some of the rails will need to use all of the wall space available, while others will only need half of the available space.
  • When purchasing your electric heated towel rails, make sure that you choose rails that have ample room for the towels that will hang on it. Not all rails are created equal; some extend further away from the wall then others.
  • Heated rails supply different amounts of heat. Find the electric heated rail that will supply the amount of heat needed to make a comfortably warm towel. The amount of heat you would want your heated towel rail to supply would depend on whether you have another heating element in the bathroom.

There is little to no maintenance involved with the heated towel rails. All you need is a damp soft cloth to wipe the rails down. If you have the electric heated towel rails, then make sure they are disconnected and cold before you wipe them.

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