The Ways That 4×4 Insurance Varies From Standard Car Insurance

4x4s are subject to special rates and different kinds of insurance that other cars don’t usually have. If you have a 4×4 you are probably already aware of these differences. The extra features of a 4×4 make it capable of more, and therefore need extra insurance to handle the extra hazards they may encounter. Purchasers of this type of insurance should worry about getting the right type of policy to cover all of their specific needs.

While it depends what policy you have, most of the time car insurance is very basic in its coverage. In most cases it will cover the other driver and their vehicle. Other policies include your vehicle and even cover theft or weather damage. 4×4 vehicles are not much different in how they are insured however they are different in what happens in a crash scenario. When a crash happens a 4×4 vehicle will do more damage than a normal car would. Thus it makes your rates increase.

4×4’s will also be subject to higher rates because of their popularity. If you live near the city rates will be higher than normal for vandalism, theft, and other damages. Drivers of 4×4’s in rural areas often do not need this type of coverage, but it will be less expensive if they do get it.

Costs to fix 4×4 trucks and SUVs are much higher than the cost to fix regular vehicles. This is because parts are harder to find and repair. Insurance companies will look at this as an extra cost to insure your vehicle and will charge you more. If you have extra features added to your 4×4 that didn’t come with the stock you will have to get extra insurance to have these repaired in case of an accident. Insurance companies won’t voluntarily pay for these extra add-ons unless your policy specifically covers them.

Finally the biggest difference between 4×4 vehicles and cars is it’s off road capabilities. Your standard car insurance won’t cover your vehicle if you go off road. This means that you will have to either pay for the repair costs yourself or have to see if your car insurance company offers off road protection. If they do then you will have to pay a higher rate. Also if you’re an enthusiast that likes to race or enter other various competitions you may have to get those covered separately. In some instances it’s better to be covered for a single day then pay high interest rates every month.

The insurance basics are virtually the same besides these few factors. You will want to check with several insurance companies to try to find the best rate for your 4×4. You should also review the policies of the various insurance companies very closely as they may have different policies regarding your 4×4 and its coverage.

Susan Reynolds is the webmaster for a leading South African Insurance provider who specialises in Car Insurance.

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