The Truths of Landscaping with Rocks

Landscaping with rocks creates a unique individuality to your backyard or garden. There are a variety of rocks to choose from with different colors, shapes and sizes – running out of landscaping ideas using this element is next to impossible. The different elements of your rocks add a natural detail to your garden and can produce a host of effects and after feel in a subtle manner.

Rocks are elements of your hardscape. Hardscape refers to any landscaping elements that are not plants. Plants are identified as softscape. It is apparent why rocks are called hard elements because they do not move nor react to soft wind. Thus, position your rocks where it will not cover free flowing air that may make your plants sway. Since real rocks are solid materials, they can be used to hold down, secure, or act as a support to your plants without being too obvious. However, note that there are fake rocks and real ones.

In general, real rocks are categorized by geologist into three types. These are igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks. Igneous rocks are more crystalline, with its smooth surface and glassy finish. Igneous rocks are best if you want that classy feel and somewhat mystic experience. Sedimentary rocks are usually grainy and attract the adventurous type. Metamorphic rocks are a combination of igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks molded into one because of heat or pressure – these rocks are great for those with mixed personalities. Fake rocks are lighter and can be customized depending on how you want it made. Usually, they are perfect if you already have a strict expectation on how your garden should look. Fake ones are less heavy because they are hollow inside.

Do not restrict yourself to thinking about rocks as rocks. Think outside the box when landscaping with rocks. For example, a small red and round one can mimic a special egg. This little rock can inspire you to create a landscape like that of a nest. A huge boulder is not just a big bloke sitting around useless – maybe you can position it for someone to lean on or sit upon. How about that block with numerous tiny dents and holes? It can be used to mount venous plants or anything of that sort.

When landscaping with rocks, the kind of rock formation and its corresponding personality types, and functionality are not the only thing to be considered. See to it that your landscaping elements balance and complement each other. Consider the feel you want from your garden. How much are you willing to spend?

Think about the overall effect that you want to feel after you have designed your landscape. Those with soft edges, one toned rock with a soft finish will make you calm. Small, palm shaped ones can bring back childhood memories – triggering the old days when throwing rocks was fun. Sharp and rough edges makes you more alert because these kinds of rocks spells danger, one has to be careful to not get hurt thus triggering your energy to go up.

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