The Science Of Making Money

If you observe the people around you what you will discover is that there are several persons who desire to be rich, or to get rich and simultaneously believe they will never get rich, for whatever reason. Usually what it really boils down to is the mere fact that they do not follow simple proven steps to get rich, or they may know some things but not others. They don’t realize the principles involved in getting rich and thus by extension the science of getting rich.

Now is there a science, what are the principles of getting rich? The major principle, I believe, is a natural law which states that ‘like causes always produces like effects’. Therefore the people nowadays who are rich, become and remain rich because they are doing things in a particular way whether consciously or unconsciously. Those who are not doing things in this particular way, will remain poor no matter how hard or how long they work or how capable they are. This principle eliminates the excuse that the environment is why many are not rich. You see too many persons from poor backgrounds are rich or are becoming rich for this excuse to be true. It also eliminates the concept that doing things a particular way is only for persons with talent. No, no, no this can’t be it for there are numerous, many persons who possess great talent who remain poor, whilst others with minimum talent are getting rich every day. Let me repeat getting rich is the consequence of doing things a particular way. So if you are a plumber and other plumbers in your area are getting rich from plumbing while you are not then it’ll be because you’re not doing things in the same way that the other plumbers are doing them.

The next principle is one that has over the last year or so, and still is, been getting a lot of attention. It is called The loa and it has been made famous by Rhonda Byrnes’ book and DVD ‘The Secret’ which was featured on CNN and Oprah among other media programs. This principle states ‘Thoughts Become Things’. You see our world and everything in it first began with a thought. The thoughts that we think are emitted vibrations broadcasted into the universe, attracting to them vibrations of the identical frequency which manifest what we come to see and experience in our physical world as our current reality. Man cannot shape a thing until he has first, thought that thing.

So if a person has the thought of a kitchen of a certain design and this thought is in accordance with the same frequency in the universe, may possibly not cause the kitchen to just instantly appear, but it would set in motion events and creative processes that will bring about the building of the kitchen to the specific design. That is why it is important for us to communicate our thoughts to the universe if we are to cause the creation, or formation of the thing we think about.

The third principle is ‘The Law of Gratitude’ which is nothing more than giving thanks to God for his gifts. The more grateful we are as we focus our mind on God when good things come our way the more good things we will receive and the more quickly they will come. Gratitude draws our mind into closer link with God and His blessing. Many are kept in poverty by their lack of gratitude. If you consistently and truthfully express your gratitude in fact it is strong enough then God’s reaction will also be consistent, strong and continuous. The things you want always be moving toward you. When you enjoy life with gratitude you will discover yourself focused on only the best and in turn this will bring to you only the best. Waste no time thinking or talking about the faults and flaws of others or even in you. Work instead on cultivating the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you and give God thanks.

The fourth principle is Visualization of your desire and its attainment. You cannot transmit an idea unless it is yourself. Visualization is about forming and holding a clear and definite mental picture of how it’s you want. If it’s you desire a brand new car, then it’s not adequate enough to visualize any old car. You must be more specific, in fact be as specific as possible. So instead you must see in your minds eye the car you want, the brand name, how it feels on the highway, the colour, size of the wheel, its features, and even how you will feel driving it.

You must see the thing you want as they already exists, take possession of it in faith believing it is already yours and don’t waiver for a moment in the faith it is real.

The fifth principle is Personal Action. This arguably the second most important principle in the Science of Getting Rich for without action all your thoughts will mean and attain nothing. You must take definite action now. Your personal action, however, must be of such that you can rightly receive what you would like when it comes. It makes no sense to desire something and not take some action towards its attainment, this will only lead to frustration making you feel discouraged. There is a quote which says “He who desires but acts not breeds pestilence”. How you think brings things to you but your by actions you receive them. You must act in a particular way such that you could appropriate what is yours when it comes to you. It does not matter what your situation is, whether favourable or not, you must not delay taking action. Wait not for favourable conditions. When you take personal action, do so with no thought of yesterday or tomorrow as your present action will be divided in your head making you ineffective. So put your whole body and mind into the present action. Take action where you stand now.

The last principle is that of Getting in the Right Business. You will do best in that business for which your abilities are best suited. That means quite simply to succeed if you are in a business for which you are well equipped with the skills and mental tools. Keep in mind, however, that you could get rich in any business even unless you possess the necessary talents because you can develop the skills needed as time goes on. Also you can get rich most satisfactorily if you do that which for you to do. Doing what for you to do is at the core of what life is about. Now if you are in a business or situation you don’t desire to be in but you have ‘no choice’ due to some obligation or responsibility like children to support, then do what you must do. You possibly can make the doing of it pleasing by knowing (reminding yourself) that it is making it possible to get to the doing of what for you to do. By making constructive standby time with the business you are already in and working in a particular way, you can get into the business you want. Always start from where you stand.

The science of getting rich gives you the courage and the power to handle any circumstance that may obstruct your progress towards getting rich. Once you follow and obey the principles you cannot fail to get rich. Practice the instructions and you may surely get rich and you’ll do so in exact proportion to the definiteness of your vision, the fixity of your purpose, the steadiness of your faith and the depth of your gratitude.

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