The Real Facts About Bed Bugs

Folks today mainly hear about bed bugs but rarely do they get to see these insects. Bed bug contaminations were popular in America before the World War II when there was still too little pest control treatments. However with the good advancements in individuals total hygiene and the use of numerous chemical pesticides in the 1940’s and the 1950’s, the population of bugs in the United states nearly disappeared.

On the other hand these insect pests were still a common sight in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. Then again, bed bugs are making a big comeback in the US through the current years. They are making their way not simply through homes but additionally in other public amenities like hotels, schools, even in autos and other modalities of transportation! Immigration, global travel, the different modifications in current pest control methods are noticed to be the significant factors behind the reappearance of these pests.

Description and Habits Bed bugs are small to medium sized, brown, flat bugs which feed mainly on the blood of animals. The typical bed bug, Cimex lectularis, is the species most secure in existing with human beings. They are so secure in actual fact, that they have been living with human beings since ancient times. Proofs of their co-existence with humans are mentioned in old European texts and classical Greek writings dating back to the time of Aristotle. Mature bed bugs ordinarily gauge about 3/16 inches long and are reddish brown in color. They are basically wrongly recognized for ticks and cockroaches. Young bed bugs are pretty related to grownups but are smaller sized and lighter in colour.

These bed bugs do not fly but they move swiftly over floors, walls, and other areas. Female bugs want to lay their eggs in separated regions. They frequently lay one to two eggs per day which accumulate to hundreds during their life time. The eggs are pretty much as small as a dust speck that it really is extremely hard to notice them with out magnification. They are quite sticky when first laid, that’s exactly why these eggs could cling to the surface.

Newly hatched bugs are straw-colored and shed their skin five times before reaching maturity. With good situations, these particular bugs can develop in a month’s time generating three or more generations per year. Cooler temperatures or constrained supply of blood could extend their progression time. Bed bugs are strong and can actually survive months without eating as nymphs and years as mature bed bugs. Infestations are thus unlikely to end even if you get away from a premise for several years.

Bed bugs are active during the night and assemble together in habitual hiding places. Their flattened bodies permit them to fit in small gaps in headboards, box springs, bed frames and mattresses. These areas are noticeable by black stains, which are from the dried excrement of the bugs. Bed bugs prefer to hide near where they eat but will crawl several feet to get a meal, if required.

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