The Protective Cocoon – The Sleeping Bag

It has been a long day. Climbing up the mountain with the heavy backpack, as the sun slides down the mountain side, weariness sets in. The sight of the camping site sends you a new burst of energy. There is the hot dinner waiting for you and hopefully a hot water bath. The thought of finally laying your legs to rest, sliding into the sleeping bag and falling off to sleep in the comfortable warmth and confines of the sleeping bag is overwhelming. There are the countless stars to watch over you and the cool winds to nuzzle you into a dreamy night.

Carrying a bed with you when you are on a camping trip, hiking, trekking or climbing mountains is just not possible. But a sleeping bed which is almost a bed is just good enough. It is an improvised bed that can be easily carried with you during such trips. It looks like a blanket that is made to be a protective bag with zipper. The soft padding provides the softness and comforts. Its thermal insulation keep you warm in chilly nights. Sleeping bags are of two kinds. The first resembles a blanket with a zipper on one or either side so that the bag can be zipped up and closed. This type of sleeping bag are folded and rolled up, bound with straps or cords and packed onto your backpack. The second type of bag is the mummy bag as the shape is akin to a mummy. Broad on the shoulder tapering as it comes to the leg side, the mummy bag cannot be folded or rolled. It is stuffed into the stuff pack or the compression pack and carried on your rucksack.

There are different sleeping bags in the market which have different capacities to withstand water and come with different insulation capacities. The Marmot Hydrogen sleeping bag keeps you warm down to about 30 Fahrenheit.

The sleeping bags differ in its ability to retain heat, insulation capacity and water absorption. The synthetic fill sleeping bag provides faster insulation and warmth even when wet, and does not absorb water easily. But it cannot be easily compressed and takes up more space in the backpack. The down fill bag is lighter, has better heat retention capacity has lower insulation capacity.

Sleeping is a form of a relaxation. So, if we go some place else, bringing a along a sleeping bag works best to keep your body relaxed.

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