The Power Of The Mind – Exactly What Is It Capable Of?

It is often heard or read that the mind makes use of only 10% of its capacity, in humans. Based on this, the enormous capacity and power of the human mind would be beyond our comprehension. If we could control our subconscious mind, and make the most of its power, the word miracle might as well disappear from the dictionary and lose its meaning altogether.

The yearning to attain the ultimate spiritual truth has led saints and prophets to reside in the remotest of places and also to meditate in the spiritually most effervescent areas – high on the mountains, from prehistoric times. This in turn has made them capable to realize the true power of their minds, thus making them attain the impossible like, floating in the air, creating rainfall, causing fires, insight into the future and also moving substance from one place to another with the sheer power of the mind.

Power of the mind can mean different things or phenomenons in different concepts. Thus, it can refer to the psychic powers that rare individuals possess or develop that enables them to perceive things from the environment that are otherwise not perceivable by the five ordinary sense organs. Such power of the mind is developed in the course of advanced meditation or in some cases during near death experiences.

Some of the well known supernatural powers of mind are Telepathy, Precognition and Clairvoyance. Telepathy is mind-reading while precognition enables foretelling the future. By clairvoyance one can clearly see things or incidents occurring at the other part of the world, which is otherwise impossible to see. Another unusual power of the mind, Psychokinesis, is the power of thought by which physical substance can be stirred.

Other than the above mentioned spiritual powers of the mind, certain new-thought concepts centers on the power of the mind of an individual as opposed to following any specific religious path. Law of attraction is a new age concept, which states that if a person longs for something badly enough, he can achieve that object in reality by using his mind’s power.

In order to make the law of attraction work, one must not only believe that the object of his desire is imminent, but he must also picture himself getting it, thereby centering all his energies into accomplishing the same. This is how the power of mind attracts the object of craving from the universe, which thereby actually materializes in the person’s life.

In complex and higher meditational practices, the power of mind takes one step forward with Astral Projection. Here, the conscious mind after separating itself from one’s physical body travels in its astral body form and makes a journey into another dimension or astral plane. By this out-of-the-body experience one observes himself and the world by being aloof.

Another practice of this same genre is known as Lucid dreaming. Here, while one’s body can sleep, it can also keep an absolutely conscious and alert mind at the same time, by using the power of the mind. A lucid dreamer by the power of his mind can consciously explore the dream world by going anywhere and doing anything according to his mind’s desire. Therefore, it can be concluded that the mind’s power is vast and one’s destiny can be contoured by controlling it.

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