The Osa Peninsula A Costa Rican Gem

Just to try something new my husband and I decided to head off to the Osa Peninsula. But to be honest we didn’t know what to expect. That was because I had heard stories about how remote yet interesting this area was. After thinking a lot about that comment we finally decided to fin out what the Osa Peninsula really was and off we went.

After doing a lot of research we decided that we were going to get there by Nature Air. Nature air is an ecological airline here Costa Rica. At first I was a bit worried about flying in these small prop planes but when we were on mid flight I brought myself to look out the window, the view was simply gorgeous. The tiny airport we landed in wasn’t great but it was ok.

The trip was a great adventure. First we jumped on the back of a pick up truck and after a long ride of bouncing up and down a dirt road that took around 40 minutes, we found the place we were staying in.

We finally made it to our accommodations to find out that it was just steps away from the beach but away from the main town of Puerto Jimenez. This was a grat opportunity for us to relax and forget about the rest of the world. I had also heard lots of good things about this area and we decided to visit the Corcovado National Park. We had our time limited in the park but luckily we were able to see a lot of wildlife such as monkeys, iguanas and many colorful birds. And let me tell you what the National Geographic calls Corcovado National Park is tru this is definitely the “most biologically intense place on Earth”.

Just one word of advice for you adventurous travelers if you do go to the Osa Peninsula avoid the rainy season. If you don’t you will be stuck along muddy and flooded roads. It is also a good idea to always travel by air to save time.

Marina K. Villatoro, has lived in Central America – Costa Rica and Guatemala for over 10 years. She’s traveled these parts extensively and now loves to organize vacations to these amazing parts of the world. With her first hand experience, she can recommend the best options for you. Contact her for advice and to plan your perfect trip!

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