The Optimal Football Strength Training System–What It Needs To Have To Become Productive

Foot ball is one of most demanding sports to choose from .simply because football players need to be everything on the field. Like for example he ought to be explosive as well as have muscle endurance plus have ample muscle tissue. He needs all this without sacrificing speed. His workouts need to be powerful swift as well as dynamic in nature. This is especially true within the weight room .Now different positions in football require different training methods For example .a running back wont have the same training practice or training program as the line backer .now as a whole football players ought to be explosive and powerful. But can we define power? What is it?

Power is strength plus speed and that is what football is it’s the strength of the player blended with his speed to master and play the fantastic game of football.

Now normal weight lifting or simply a normal workout is not really sufficient for football players because they really need specific explosive training designed for them in mind. Training that includes a mixture of Nero muscular strength training and exercising which aims to speed up the brains signals to your body to perform sudden explosive movements. In short, the faster you send the signals the faster you’ll be able to gather muscles to execute the activity. A football weight training program requires the following:

1. Weight building which is increasing overall strength in the footballers body

2. Endurance training that happen to be exercises that improves the functionality of oxygen use of your physique .the better the body will use oxygen the better endurance you have get

3. Dynamic training that is the combination of plyometric and strength workouts together this produces maximum power within the body that is definitely required by the sport of football

All these kinds of workout routines are integrated in a football player’s workout regime .All these components are needed by a football player in order for him to perform at an ideal state.

It is now normally acknowledged by coaches that football players should conduct weight training exercises but in my opinion IT is incorrect as it is not really enough because lets say a football player lifts a specific weight as he increases the weight his repetitions will probably go down. So lets say he is lifting a heavy weight for just one rep he can lift that weight slowly for a minute just for one rep. Now that will offer a person massive strength but that’s not all what a footballer is all about. .what about explosiveness, speed and agility most of what football players need what happens to those components. All of these components are gone when you perform an ordinary strength training exercise

A football player must have a combination of strength training, neuromuscular activation and education, endurance training and dynamic training all in their exercise program to become in the in the best shape a football player should be to compete in a football match

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