The Icing on Top of the Landscaping Cake!

If you have the most beautiful and spacious house on the block; and you want to be able to sell it at a good price, then you want to check on your lawn and see if it is in the same league as your home. Studies have shown that a beautifully created lawn can and does increase home value by as much as 15%! So if you are selling your home for a cool million, you can add as much as $150,000 to your home’s market value.

First things first, evaluate your lawn. See if there are certain flaws that must be corrected, major repairs to be done or if you simply want to spruce it up a little. A great tip: lawns that are in tune with the theme of the home are more likely to appeal to buyers because it creates a fluidity of color, texture and idea. So, if for example, your home has a country theme, then you may want to plant wildflowers, put a couple of rustic-looking sculptures here and there, and maybe a few rough stones on the path.

Second, you will want to clean up your lawn a bit. Unless you are one of those obsessive lawn owners who clean weeds and rocks out of these lawn everyday and virtually ensure that each blade of grass is the same length all the time, chances are you will have let your lawn go a bit. Trim overhanging branches, and cut off branches that are too spread out. Cut your grass so that it looks neat and orderly. Uproot and dispose of weeds, remove rocks and other natural debris and basically make your lawn perfect to just roll around and spend a lazy afternoon in.

Third, consider putting a new major feature into your lawn. It does not have to be huge or expensive, just enough to give your lawn a new kick. Put in a new water feature, or perhaps a few new shrubs or saplings. This allows for a more visually pleasing experience. However, you should make sure that putting in these new elements will not make your lawn look crowded.

Fourth, you may want to think about adding a little more color, texture or depth into your lawn. If you can pull it off, add more than one of those elements, e.g. a few new flowers, or maybe some new eye catching decoration. Just keep in mind the theme that you are trying to follow so that nothing sticks out of the overall picture.

Lastly, make sure that your lawn seems to be manageable enough. No one wants to buy a lawn that is beautiful, but takes a lot of money and effort to manage. At most, your prospective buyer will want to spend perhaps a couple of hours a week managing the lawn, if they are not into landscaping, so make sure that your lawn can be maintained with minimal watering, cutting and cleaning.

Just a few smart moves and creative renovations in your lawn can entice a buyer to plunk down an extra 15% to buy your property, so get those juices flowing and make your garden match your house in beauty!

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