The Gold Medal And Its Meaning For An Artist

Gold medals are usually associated with sport world and athletes standing on the first place of the podium. What most of us don’t realize is the fact that besides the sports competition, there are other ones as well. Those who win them are not necessarily public figures for what counts most to them is the privilege of being recognized as the best professionals in their field of activity. These people of great talent and passion are the artists. And, just like for great results in sports, gold medals are used to reward their achievements.

Commemorating a place, an event or a fellow human being who makes an important contribution to society and its evolution has always been an essential element in humanity’s history and medals are one of the forms chosen for that purpose. In the shape of large medallions or small plaques, they are made of gold, silver and bronze, metals corresponding to the three Ages of Man in Greek Mythology: the Golden Age, with men living among the gods, the Silver Age, when lasted a hundred years, and the Bronze Age, the time of heroes. Things seem to have reversed though and nowadays we can say that gold medalists are regarded as gods living among men.

For the field of arts, the 18th century was real milestone. It is since then that following the example of sports competitions gold medals have been awarded as a symbol of an award. In this case, the award of a financial nature is given to an outstanding student. It was at the Royal Danish Academy that such an even took place for the first time and, later on, the practice was adopted in other competitive fields, such as writing and music. And, just like in sport, gold medals are accompanied by silver and bronze medals.

Nowadays, the work of artists is recognized by numerous organizations by means of granting them various awards and prizes. But how many of us are aware of the fact that there was a time when efforts were made for arts and sports to be put on an equal footing. Thus, during the early years of the modern Olympic Games, from 1912 to 1948, art competitions formed integrating part.There were five accepted categories (architecture, literature, music, painting and sculpture) and artists representing them were asked to present works of art inspired of sport. At the end of the competition, gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded to the highest ranked of them. It all came to an end in 1948 as it was considered that artists are to be regarded as professionals, whereas Olympic athletes are merely amateurs.

As we can see, either for an artist or an athlete, a gold medal has the same significance. This is how society rewards somebody’s genius, talent and hard work. Both athletes and artists, by means of their achievements, joy together in what can be seen as joyful celebration of the human being’s complexity. Perfection and beauty of the human body are highlighted by amazing athletes, whereas sensitivity and beauty of the human spirit are celebrated by outstanding artists. And, as extraordinary people deserve extraordinary medals, only the purest of gold should be bought. The best professionals in the field would be honored to take part in this and offer their valuable advice when buying the gold. For them, it’s almost like sharing the glory of the medal.

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