The Basics Of Weber Propane Grill Parts

If you are a backyard chef showing off your cooking skills on the BBQ, it is likely that at some point in time you will need to replace one of your Weber propane grill parts. If you assembled your grill when you bought it you probably have a working knowledge of the standard parts for your model. But, if it has been several years since you put it together, or you had someone else do that work for you, then chances are you need to educate yourself a bit before buying new parts.

The purpose of this article is to give you a basic understanding of some of the key components of your grill. Parts for your unit usually fall into one of the following groups: the original parts that came with the grill, replacements for any of those parts, features that are add-ons, and accessories.

When put together, the cooking box and lid become the shell into which all the other parts attach. These two parts, along with the burners and the control knobs will give you a basic BBQ. Gas flows through tubing to the burners, which are regulated by the control knobs. You will generally find more than one burner contained in the cooking box. Multiple burners give you the ability to more easily control the temperature while cooking. Having a heavy steel lid that you can close allows you to hold the heat in for faster cooking under controlled temperatures.

Contained within the cooking box you will find the cooking grids, more commonly known as the cooking grates. The grates are where you place the food that you wish to cook. You will find that some grates are made of stainless steel or porcelain enameled steel, while some are made of cast iron. If you have cast iron grates, they require seasoning prior to the first use. You should follow the seasoning instructions in your owner’s manual. A unique feature that can enhance your cooking without any effort from you are the flavorizer bars, which catch some of the grease and drippings and then create flavor enhancing smoke that is absorbed by your food as it cooks. Any grease and drippings not used for this purpose will be caught in the catch pan located under the cooking box.

Most all of the parts on your grill are likely able to replaced as they break or wear out through use. Whether you need new burners or new drip pans, or possibly even new wheels, there are lots of locations where you can find parts to replace your worn ones. Keep in mind that you will probably need to know the model number of your grill in order to ensure you buy the correct part.

If you want to enhance your grilling experience, there are optional features available. One of the most common and useful is a rotisserie. There are various versions of the rotisserie, including a spit rod that you can spear items such as a roast with, prongs that insert into the ends of a large item to be cooked, like a turkey, or a basket that allows you put smaller items in for cooking. The common component of the rotisserie is the motor that drives it to rotate over the burners while the item cooks.

While not essential, accessories can be nice to have. They can make your grilling experience better by making it easier to handle the food. This might include a cooking plate that sits on your grate and holds small or delicate items that would fall between the slats on the grate. It might be something as simple as utensils designed specifically for barbecuing. An accessory that is almost a must is a heavy duty grill cover to protect your grill while it is not in use.

With care and maintenance, your grill will serve you for many years. When the time comes that you need Weber propane grill parts, you will find lots of options to enhance your experience with barbecuing.

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