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When a home owner gets ready to sell his home, there a few things that he can actually do to prepare it for the market such as decorating, clearing out the clutter, re-painting, a thorough cleaning, and even putting out flower arrangements. A professional home staging service may make the difference. Why bother? It is because a pro stager knows exactly what appears to be clutter to buyers in the market and what dcor and palettes are found more appealing. The selling of a home can be a very overwhelming and exhausting process, wherein homeowners are at lost. Professional home stagers offer the expertise of the current housing market and can take care of all the details for you.

When a homeowner hires home staging services, he will be able to see the home with fresh eyes and will see the house just as a critical buyer would if they were inspecting it. Below are some of the advantages of engaging a professional stager.

1. Professional home stagers will create a space that attracts buyers for minimal costs.

2. Realtors don’t always have the intuitive decorating knowledge of what attracts buyers. A home stager, in comparison, excels on knowing what attracts prospects for buying homes in every price range.

3. Professional home staging services will not be emotionally attached to the contents in the home, which means that they are able to see a home in a way that the owner cannot because they have lived there for years. With their fresh ideas, they are able to suggest ways to re-arrange the furniture, add on art, as well as other accessories.

Stagers will make recommendations in dcor based on the current market trends. They will also have a vast list of suppliers who can effect these changes while saving you money.

If there are additional decorative items, such as accessories or furnishings that would help sell your property, a home stager can arrange to have them brought in. This is especially necessary if the property is currently vacant; adding a homey touch to cold, open space.

Professional home staging is not reserved for the wealthy. You do not have to be a millionaire to engage the services of a home stager. It can have a great impact in the selling price and the days spent on the market, even for the most modest of homes. Considering a home staging service may be the best marketing strategy a homeowner can take when placing their property on the market. Not only can a home stager help turn the sale in a shorter amount of time, but staged homes statistically sell at higher rates than those not staged.

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