The Marriage Of High Hopes

Tom and Susan walked into my office. No, this was not a formal session. Just a couple of friends and me sitting down to talk over their relationship. They had been fighting on a regular basis, like a couple of days out of every week. Some of it had to do with his anger, jealousy and past experiences. Some of it had to do with her sharp tongue and dominating personality.

You Don’t Need To Be In Control

Are you a controlling personality? Well, congratulations. You’ve been gifted with leadership traits. Keep in mind, though, that there are those who lead wisely, those who are mediocre n their leadership and some who are so infatuated with their need to control that they are downright ornery, or bad or evil. The latter have used their gift of being leaders in the wrong way.

Cycling Is A Success While The Marriage Fails

Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France numerous times, regardless of the bitterness of the French press that tried to discredit him time and again, that it astonishes us. He rose from cancer victim to cancer conqueror to cycling victor. He was determined. At times he fell behind other cyclists in different stages of the races. Reportedly, falling behind was on purpose so he could conserve his strength for more difficult stages. Other times, it was because someone, perhaps a sprinter, put on a burst of speed and outdid him. Whatever, he kept himself from being discouraged, figured out how he could have done better, and charged forth again with victory in mind.

Marriage – Save It? Or Get A Divorce?

Both Audrey and Owen had refused to read our books and material. They were too angry, too hurt, too anxious to hold one another responsible for their marital problems. So I suggested that Audrey go to see Fireproof, a movie that focused on a troubled marriage and what the guy did to save it. I was hoping that she would then take her husband, Owen, to see it as well. My hopes were crushed after she saw it and said, “I don’t want Owen to see this. He might start trying to do those things and my mind already is made up. I want out.”

Hey Men, Do You Have Feelings?

Because most men are basically strong and tough, emotionally if not physically, women often take that for granted and are excepting them to be invincible. Intrinsically? Yes. Although a boy can be influenced by words such as, “Boys don’t cry,” if he’s normal and healthy, he’ll discover as he matures, that the don’t-cry syndrome in reality is part of his very nature.

Let Your Man Fix It

She was bright, intelligent and very angered at her husband, very angry.

The 5 Most Important Words To Repair A Relationship

I’d like to tell you a story.

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