You Don’t Need To Be In Control

Are you a controlling personality? Well, congratulations. You’ve been gifted with leadership traits. Keep in mind, though, that there are those who lead wisely, those who are mediocre n their leadership and some who are so infatuated with their need to control that they are downright ornery, or bad or evil. The latter have used their gift of being leaders in the wrong way.

The Revolving Door Of Divorce – Marriage – Divorce – Marriage – Divorce – Divorce – Divorce

Some people feel that if they never live with someone outside of marriage, it’s okay to divorce if their expectations aren’t met and then get married to someone else. Why bother to save a marriage if the going gets hard and, heaven forbid, if I can’t have things my own way? If the second marriage is a bummer, then how about a third – and then a fourth and so on?

Jealousy Isn’t Love – Get Rid Of It!

V:3 I’m jealous of my wife. There’s no reason for it. I know I’m going to lose her if I don’t quit.

Marriage – Save It? Or Get A Divorce?

Both Audrey and Owen had refused to read our books and material. They were too angry, too hurt, too anxious to hold one another responsible for their marital problems. So I suggested that Audrey go to see Fireproof, a movie that focused on a troubled marriage and what the guy did to save it. I was hoping that she would then take her husband, Owen, to see it as well. My hopes were crushed after she saw it and said, “I don’t want Owen to see this. He might start trying to do those things and my mind already is made up. I want out.”

Hey Men, Do You Have Feelings?

Because most men are basically strong and tough, emotionally if not physically, women often take that for granted and are excepting them to be invincible. Intrinsically? Yes. Although a boy can be influenced by words such as, “Boys don’t cry,” if he’s normal and healthy, he’ll discover as he matures, that the don’t-cry syndrome in reality is part of his very nature.

Let Your Man Fix It

She was bright, intelligent and very angered at her husband, very angry.

What A Woman Needs

They sat across the table from me. She was furious and he was on the defensive. I asked her what the problem was. She looked at me and said, “He just won’t talk to me!”

Is A Successful Woman A Failure?

Alexis’s rise in her company was fairly rapid given the glass ceiling atmosphere that permeated it. Alexis lived the life many women only dream of: A great job, a beautiful home, three really nice kids and a loving, attentive husband – or so it seemed. She came to us at the point that her marriage had crumbled and the faade was destroyed.

Why Should I Marry – Oprah Hasn’t

Everybody loves Oprah. Most people look up to her and use her suggestions as ways they can improve their lives too. I’ve seldom watched her on TV because I don’t have time to turn the TV on – but sometimes she’s up there when I get my nails done. I do pick up her magazine occasionally, which I did recently – her 10th Anniversary Special one – because I was interested in what she would say to 10 O magazine readers who “interviewed” her informally. The one question that was of most interest to me regarded her relationship with Stedman Graham. I, too, would have asked, “Why haven’t you married him?” Would her answer be this? “If I married him, then I’d have to spend time trying to save the marriage and I’m too busy for that.”

Manipulation And Sex

This situation happens so often it has become a cliche. Her husband wrote: My wife withholds sex as a punishment in order to get her own way. What can I do about this?

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