Simplify Laundry Day With Wicker Baskets

Laundry is one of these household chores that everyone could do without. It seems to be in no way ending, and you somehow always find clothes spilling out from the basket and on to the bathroom floor before you get a fighting chance to get a handle on the situation. My preferred strategy is to divide and conquer, so I can do a small at a time and the process is much easier to cope with. The way to succeed is to basically sort the clothes as they make it to the laundry basket, so when laundry day comes you need not really spend hours organizing the various loads required.

The great thing with this system is that it doesn’t really equals to more work: the idea is to use several laundry baskets, so you can sort as you go along without additional effort. You can do this easily, for instance I have one hamper in the bathroom for whites, another in the main bedroom for darks and one in the kitchen for kitchen towels and rags that I’d rather wash individually as they always need bleaching. As laundry baskets are available in numerous styles and colors, from painted wood to wicker via metal and fabric finishes, it is quite easy to pick one that fits in with the room it’s going in. You can actually go further than this and color code the baskets depending what they are used for. For instance our bathroom basket is white, which fits perfectly with the decor and what actually goes into it.

The final piece of kit essential to simplifying laundry day is a plastic basket that can fit one full load, no more, no less. This way famously a laundry hamper is full I collect a load and it goes directly into the machine. This way it gets taken care of before I move on to the next hamper, and we’ve virtually eliminated rogue laundry on the floors in our house since using this system. I also find that this way I do one, maybe two loads a day so it no longer feels like I spend my life doing laundry. As for the sorting side of things, it also works fairly nicely with our family. True enough my husband does occasionally put whites in the bedroom hamper that should only contain darks. As this is an exception rather than the rule, however, it doesn’t really create any problems and is very easy to spot when I collect the load to wash that day.

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