Siemens Artis Deaf Aids

If you have ever had to search for deaf aids, I am sure that you have come across the name of Siemens Artis. Siemens Artis are market leaders in the realm of deaf aids. In fact, they sell about 20% of all deaf aids sold worldwide, so you can see that they are a firm to take seriously.

Siemens Artis has often been at the very vanguard of deaf aid technology. Their latest innovation is E2E wireless technology, which means that if you wear a pair of deaf aids, you only have to make adjustments to one of them and the adjustments will be transmitted to the other one automatically. Anyone who has worn two hearing aids at the same time will appreciate what a boon this is.

The ear pieces still facility independently in E2E, but they can be programmed in unison. Their directionality is also regulated from one ear piece, so that you do not have one ear listening forward and the other listening backwards.

The Siemens Artis 2 is also a smart device, which means that it will remember your most used settings and try to predict what you require. The longer you use it, the more precise this learning process should get. This facility is known as DataLearning. It also has something called DataLogging which will amass data that will come in very useful to your audiologist when you next go for a session.

The Siemens Artis has a sizable number of channels, which allows it to be programmed to eliminate common background sounds, while emphasizing speech or music. The Artis 2 is so advanced that it can store millions of bits of data to be able to discriminate between sounds worth listening to and background noise. This facility is very helpful for certain situations like walking on a windy beach to working in a noisy industrial unit.

The function to cut out the wind noise actually has a label and is called eWindscreen. A similar function regulates feedback, which is a widespread complaint about cheaper or older hearing aids. An innovative function is that a feature called Autophone switches on automatically whenever you lift a mobile phone to your ear and switches off again as you lower the phone. The Artis 2 lets you know it has switched functions by making a tactful beep.

The Artis 2 comes in two varieties: the in the ear device and the behind the ear device. The Artis BTE is really very small and is known as Artis Life. It was designed with those in mind that find it painful to wear something similar to an earplug all day long

It is clear that picking a hearing aid is not an easy decision and definitely not one that anyone should make without first consulting the advice of their doctor or / and local society for the deaf, not least because these instruments are very expensive.

If you are unlucky enough to buy one that is not perfect for you, you are in a tight fix because some hearing aids cost thousands of dollars. Having said that, the ultimate choice is yours alone but Siemens devices probably ought to be on your short list.

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