Should I Buy An Off The Shelf Desktop Computer Or Have One Custom Built?

When it comes time to get a new computer, what are the best desktop computers out there? Is it one you or a friend has custom made from parts you have assembled, or a model straight off the shelf of a computer warehouse? There are advantages to either approach. Why should you buy an off the shelf desktop computer vs. having one custom built?

If you decide to build your own desktop or have a friend put one together for you, your new machine can be customized as you go along to be exactly what you want. Do you play a lot of games that require high end graphic capabilities? Or perhaps you run a business from your computer and need storage space and memory for office type programs and record keeping. You can specify these requirements as you build your computer, making it customized to your desires and needs.

But not everyone will want to approach it in this way. If building is not for you, there are many good deals out there on pre-manufactured computers. And with some research you can find the one that has all the parts and programs that you are looking for. You have even more flexibility in this area if you custom order your desktop to suit your needs.

But pre-manufactured computers are right for many people, also. There is a certain amount of customization you can have installed in a store bought desktop model, especially if you are ordering it. You might not find as much leeway if you buy from a store shelf but you will be able to find one that will be adequate for your needs.

Perhaps building a computer is not something you want to tackle. Big box stores as well as department stores are now carrying basic computers with very competitive pricing. If you are looking for a simple way to get online, surf the web and send emails, these are an easy and affordable way to go. And if you are looking for something more, (perhaps faster or with more capabilities), computer manufacturers offer packages and even some customization when you buy from them.

If you choose to build your dream machine, remember there will not be a warranty as with one you buy from a manufacturer. While your individual parts may carry guarantees, you will not receive the customer service as with store bought. This is something to think about and may be a drawback for some people.

Going into a computer store and looking at all of the great machines available can be a great experience. There are techs there that can answer your questions and help you choose what you need. And bringing your new computer home that night and getting it set up may be more appealing to some than the effort of putting one together. However, a computer that you make yourself can give you loads of satisfaction. And if you have the time and knowledge to put it all together you can look on it with pride and have confidence that the attributes you need will be there.

Our computers have quickly become an extension of ourselves, making them extremely personalized. When the question arises, “Should I Buy An Off The Shelf Desktop Computer?”, think about some of the advantages and disadvantages of both ways and make your decision for the best desktop computers that will suit your lifestyle.

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