Several Reasons Why You Should Send Flowers

Sending flowers is such an old tradition that we sometimes come to see it as cliche. Movies of all types depict lovers sending and receiving flowers to make up, start a new romance or renew vows. However, there are still reasons in the modern world why you should send flowers for different occasions.

Funerals stand out as occasions that require flowers. Food and other gifts may be appropriate as well, but flowers symbolize the collective grief associated with the passing of a loved one. No gift can truly make things better, but they can remind the recipients that they are not alone and that the senders are offering support beyond a mere gift.

While this sense of familiarity and reliability make funeral flowers comforting, sending flowers in other situations benefit from unpredictability. A person is going about his or her day only to find a special surprise. This breaks up their day and makes it different from the daily grind that people so often experience. This is true whether you are sparking up a new romance or just sending a reminder to someone who has been close to you for years.

The practical benefit of sending potted flowers, or flowers that can be replanted, is the longevity. You gift can make people happy long into the future and remember you and your relationship. Ask your florist about the options and how long different orders will last. Even un-potted flowers can last quite a while if preserved correctly in fresh water.

Flowers also actually offer more variety than the simple designation seems to suggest. There is a huge number of species of flowers in the world, and many of them are available for sale and are not endangered. So, while we often stick to our conventional favorites, more persistent shoppers can truly find some treasures that will surprise people and bring them joy.

But beyond the practical benefits, flowers represent a connection with nature. People who live in urban settings filled with concrete and less green especially find that flowers brighten up their apartments. People in places with more vegetation may also enjoy receiving different varieties that remind them of how varied nature is. This human desire to commune with nature partly explains our love affair with flowers.

One of the emotional benefits of flowers stems from their pervasiveness in various cultures. As flowers mark our ups and downs, we also associate emotions with different types of flowers. Therefore, a carefully selected type of flower might bring back positive memories to your mother as she remembers a significant event when she received the same flower. Sending flowers with special meanings to your loved one also highlights your personal connection to the person.

No matter what culture or nation you come from, flowers have a particular significance in recording and memorializing our losses and milestones. Some people ask why you should send flowers these days, but the answer is clear. Our past connections to nature and the symbolic qualities of flowers make them uniquely special gifts.

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