RV Sales Numbers Show Steady Increase

Steady numbers show first quarter sales were not a fluke. Summer is in full swing and RV companies are still stocking their dealerships with new model RVs.

The nation is watching closely to see if sales will continue to grow or if they will stall out. Travel trailers have been a popular item this year while sales of larger RVs such as Class A RVs and Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers are also picking up.

While the younger generation is driving numbers up as far as travel trailers, baby boomers are pushing sales of higher ticket RVs such as Fifth Wheels and Class A RVs. As record numbers of the population are retiring, baby boomers are hitting the road in their new RVs and campers.

Park models are also garnering a lot of attention this year. Park models are RVs, built like a cabin. Many RV Parks are using them to attract families that prefer more comforts than tent camping but still want an outdoor, camping-style vacation. As demand grows, so do the amount of companies manufacturing these RVs. There are a wide variety that can be found everywhere from California to Wyoming.

Those hitting the road are heading out to National Parks in droves. June in Yellowstone saw more than 700,000 people coming to see the natural beauty offered. July is considered the peak month for visitors, so crowds will most likely continue to increase.

For those that are reconsidering vacations south to the Gulf Coast, there are websites that are keeping up-to-the-minute information on contaminated areas and oil-free zones. Before canceling your beach trip, contact the resort. Some places are giving a full refund if oil contaminates their beaches before or during your visit. There are still many incredible beach destinations to visit.

If the warm weather is pushing you to cooler climates, the mountains offer refuge from overwhelming heat waves. Snow is still apparent at higher elevations and wildflowers are blanketing fields and valleys. Places like Rocky Mountain National Park and Glacier National Park offer great mountain camping and cool evening air.

Adventures abound for RV Enthusiasts. No matter your style of travel – travel trailer, fifth wheel camper, Class A RV or pop-up camper – there is an affordable option for you. After buying your new RV, hit the road and check out some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. This year is the RV Industry’s centennial year, which means lots of RV enthusiasts are gathering to share their stories and adventures. Start building your adventures now.

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