Russian Women Set The Traditional Family Values

The culture in Russia is full of its history and tradition. They have excelled in the arts, famous for their ballet, their architecture, and their classical music. Their fame stretches to their vodka and their Matryoshka dolls, known all over the world. They pride themselves on many levels and have good reason to do so, the family traditions and values are important and Russian women play an essential role in that every day.

Women in Russia are well educated, very intelligent, and very hard working. But career is not the first thing on their minds. There are a few who focus on a career but the majority dream of marriage and family. They are nurturing women; they want someone to care for and someone to take care of them. Which is one reason why they tend to get married early, between the ages of 18 – 22, and usually before they are ever independent and on their own.

Another reason for a woman to marry young is that in Russian society, women over 25 and still single have a lower social status. People think there is something wrong with her, even if she has a good career and making money, that doesn’t make up for her social status. A well respected woman in Russia is married with children, taking care of the home while the husband supports the family.

When a Russian woman marries, they expect a union of equals, a partnership with their husband. They want respect and appreciation, not someone to control them. As they consider this very sacred, commitment is taken very seriously. A wandering spouse is not tolerated; his indiscretions threaten the foundation of the marriage and family.

Russian women take their role as a wife very seriously and with pride. They believe that they are made to stay at home, taking care of the household and the children while their husbands are working and providing for them. They help without hesitation to build up their husbands careers, even sacrificing their own if necessary. Her main goal is to provide a loving and warm home for her husband, taking care of him first and making sure he is happy.

When it comes to their children, some would consider them either the best mothers in the world or the most domineering, depending on how you look at it. They offer moral and financial support their whole lives to their children. Being there for them at all times and always sacrificing for them. A mother and son’s relationship can be very strong; it is great pride to have a son in the home. A mother loves her daughter also of course, and teaches her the skills of running a home, sewing, cooking, and things to make her a successful wife and mother in the future.

When Russian women prepare a meal for their husband and family, it is done lovingly. No matter how simple or complicated the meal, she goes at it with all she has in her heart. And, cooking isn’t simple, most everything is done from scratch and shopping for food is a daily process. But the women take pride in having a real Russian home that smells of good food when you enter.

Russia is a country rich in tradition and values and it is the Russian women who are the backbone of most of that. They dedicate themselves to their families and their husbands, the values are deeply rooted in them and they desire to make others happy. Although some may see them as old fashioned, Russian women are anything but, they just choose to live in a way that makes them happy and feel well cared for.

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