Robot Chicken Creator Weds Bride In Beautiful Vineyard Wedding In Northen California

Seth Green has finally tied the knot. The comedian and actor is well know in Hollywood from his role as the son of Doctor Evil in the iconic Austin Powers movies to his similarly famous role as a teen werewolf on the cult TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. His lovely bride is Clare Grant, a fellow actress who has done work on a MTV original drama TV show.

The wedding was just part of an avalanche of good news for Mr. Green who was just recently nominated for an Emmy for is stop motion comedy show Robot Chicken. The happy couple has been dating for a while. They first met in 2007 and started dating a year later. This is their first marriage and the couple is very excited.

Like his career has shown, Seth Green is not one to stay on the beaten path. His wedding was held at the vineyard of none other than the famous Skywalker Ranch, the residence and workspace of famous director George Lucas of Star Wars. The two developed a friendship while working together on various projects. Even more impressive was that Mr. Lucas was also a guest at the wedding.

Though the wedding had its own quirky geek charm, it was still a major celebrity wedding. The bride Ms. Grant was dressed in a lovely Oscar de La Renta gown and wore a head piece make by Jay and Barry Jewelers. The same company also made the groom’s cufflinks as well as the wedding and engagement rings. The groom was also in top form with a custom tux by Dennis Kim.

Another interesting quirk was who presided over the ceremony. The couple was married by none other than Ms. Grant’s director, Craig Brewer. Mr. Brewer helped to give Mrs. Green her big break with roles in various independent films and a role on the MTV original series $5 cover. If you think about it was a great way to thank him for his input in her life and definitely more interesting than being the person who gives away the bride.

The wedding continues a trend for summer celebrity weddings. Location was once again a major choice for the couple getting married. Nothing says unique and original than getting married at the home of George Lucas. Star War fans everywhere must be green with envy. The couple also kept the ceremony private only inviting close friends, family, and industry colleagues. We saw something similar with the John Krasinski Emily Blunt wedding. There are still some details not known such as if the couple had wine wedding favors or went with a summer wedding favors but it most definitely was a high end celebration.

Not much is known about the couple’s honeymoon plans but they were seen this month at the famous comic book convention Comicon wearing matching animal hats. Even if it was part of an adorable getaway vacation, it was still work for Mr. Green who is working on a Star wars comedy project with George Lucas.

Overall we see that the Seth Green wedding was one that reflected the character of the couple giving Hollywood glitz with a cool geek factor that will definitely make it one of the more unique celebrity summer weddings for 2010.

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