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Rambo 4, Rambo, John Rambo, whatever the actual title of the film is, it’s the fourth film in the series. If you want a great action film, something that’s almost Biblical in scale, put it on your queue the next time you sign into your movie download service. The film really delivers on every possible level you could ask an action film to deliver on. It really is one of Stallone’s best, and the second best of the Rambo series.

Rambo 2 and 3 were sort of these bloated, excessive Hollywood action flicks, which didn’t do justice to the low key original. This was their undoing, as they became complicated and confusing, rather than passionate, true and exciting. Rambo 4 is much simpler, more straightforward, and much more pure. It’s also just plain a much better film.

First Blood is still the best. It dealt with the same sort of subject matter as Taxi Driver, that being the disillusionment and cynicism that many Vietnam War Veterans felt after returning home from that country. After First Blood, a number of veterans who met Stallone in public would shake his hand, tears in their eyes, and thank him for telling the truth about what life in the US is like for veterans… Nobody did that regarding Rambo 2. This one, though, has a social message as well.

The film takes place in Burma, a place that is, in real life, right now, in the middle of a very violent civil war. Stallone wanted to use his position as a Hollywood star to turn attention towards a real, pressing issue, and he chose Burma. In fact, he shot right outside of the real Burma and was given death threats by the very same army that he vilifies in the film.

The movie took courage to create, having been filmed on the outskirts of Burma. Stallone received death threats from the very same militants he vilifies in the film. The end result is that the film actually did succeed in turning international attention towards the problems being faced by the people of Burma.

The way the action is filmed is interesting. Rambo kills hundreds of bad guys, but it’s all shot in a sort of a realistic style that really sets it apart from the usual excess of action films. It feels, if not quite real, at least real enough that it doesn’t feel cartoony, it doesn’t trivialize violence, it actually deals with it head on.

The movie really develops in a pure way. It’s just action. A woman is kidnapped. Rambo saves her. The end. In this simple structure there’s an enormous amount of depth to what you can do with the action and characters. In fact, without a lot of plot getting in the way, the movie can really get down to the heart of what the STORY is all about.

It’s exciting seeing Stallone on the comeback trail after Rocky Balboa. After a string of flops, he finally took a moment to remember what it is he’s good at and to try and excel at it. So between this, Rocky Balboa, and The Expendables, he’s really knocking them out of the park on a regular basis over the last few years in cinema.

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