Quitting Smoking And Products To Ease Nicotine Withdrawal

Are you an addicted smoker that is finding it difficult to really quit? Are you disgusted with the habit, the smells, the waste of money, and the health risks involved? And yet you still grab a smoke when the cravings becoming so overwhelming? Perhaps products to ease nicotine withdrawal are a good option for you then.

Having said that, first and foremost you should see a qualified physician to discuss any plans you may have considering the use of nicotine replacement products. Any change in health directives is cause for the advice from a doctor. And remember that replacing one source of nicotine with another is only a step, not a solution.

A very common method is what is referred to colloquially as the patch. This is a trans dermal nicotine delivery system, meaning through the skin. A patch is place on the upper arm, or a thigh, or some place similar, and the drug is slowly absorbed into the system, thereby curbing the cravings for smoking by providing the addictive substance. They come in different strengths so you can decrease the use over time.

Gums, too, are a means of delivering the drug into your system without the use of a burning cigarette. Like the patch, it administers a dose, and the dose can be adjusted to suit the user. Again, it is still feeding the need for the drug, and used as an aid to help quit cigarette smoking, not necessarily to eliminate an addiction.

Normal chewing gums, particularly the sugarless variety, has always been part of the quitters arsenal, and this is for a very sound reason. It helps the smokers to distract themselves from the craving to light up and inhale poison. The act of buying the gum, opening a pack, removing a piece, and popping into your mouth is much like the act of procuring cigs. It really can help.

Electronic cigarettes are new, and seem to be of some help. But like the other systems, they are still delivering the drug into your body. However, since it is not actually burning like a regular smoke, there are potentially less damaging effects to be discerned. Still, your are feeding the addiction and not eliminating it.

And as in the quitting of any and all bad habits, perhaps the most valuable tool in your arsenal is your will power. If your desire to quit is strong enough, it cannot be denied, regardless of how you go about quitting. To stop smoking means just that, you stop.

Even so, there are less painful ways to quit than by going cold turkey. Products to ease nicotine withdrawal are just some of the ways to decrease the pain and discomfort from the drug detoxification. So make the right decision, check in with a doctor or two, look into helpful aids, and muster up the guts for success.

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