Preserving Your Sports Collectibles

If you have a sports collectibles fan in your life, and you are looking to buy sports gifts for him, consider looking for something that will help him protect his NFL, NCAA, or MLB merchandise. Many sports collectibles are valued, at least in part, based on their condition. Different scales are in use today, but most of them contain some variation of the categories: mint, near-mint, excellent, good, fair, and poor. Because damage to the sports collectible can cause them to be worth less, proper storage is very important.

Baseball cards, the most common MLB merchandise collectible, have been manufactured since the 1800’s. If the man in your life is a card collector, protection for these treasured items can be an inexpensive and thoughtful sports gift for him. Sports collectibles stores, card shops and online MLB merchandise sites sell binders and page protectors with cutting-edge technology that will prevent cards from creasing, fading, or showing other signs of wear. Display boxes can show off a single card or store entire sets without risking damage.

For the NCAA merchandise collector, game balls are a popular item, and what better way to show that you care than a personalized display cube! Many online sites will customize a shadow box, plaque, or display cube with photographs of the team or athlete, plaques describing the game in which the ball was played, or other pieces to complement the sports collectible. You can turn a plain autographed baseball into a classy wall display, and help him retain the value of his sports collectible at the same time. Of course if you’d rather a simpler gift, basic display boxes come in all shapes and sizes, from cereal box holders to boxing glove cases to hockey puck displays. Whether he needs to protect MLB, NCAA, or NFL merchandise, there is a case made to guard and display his sports collectible.

If you’d like to buy a sports gift for him that really shows your appreciation for his collection, a showcase is the way to go. These cabinets are built to hold more than one piece, and are meant to draw attention to the proud collector’s memorabilia. No more dragging an old shoebox out of the closet! He will love being able to show off his collection to guests in the study or den, and an attractive cabinet will add to the beauty of any room’s décor. It is a sports gift for him that you will enjoy as much as he will.

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